Fear Grows for 82-Year-Old Who Vanished at DC Airport

Family members of Victoria Kong continue frantic search for missing grandmother.
1:48 | 05/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fear Grows for 82-Year-Old Who Vanished at DC Airport
All out effort to find the missing grandmother she's 82 years old and had been returning to Reagan national flight. The airline was supposed to meet -- at the gate with a wheelchair the family says that did not happen at all they have now is the surveillance video of their loved one missing since Friday. Here's ABC's Lindsay -- Just waiting -- looking for her. It's been 48 hours since 82 year old Victoria Kong's plane arrived at Washington DC's Reagan national airport the grandmother had flown in from Barbados and her family say she was supposed to be escorted by wheelchair to where they were waiting but she never showed and now her family is frantically searching for her. He may look confused and disoriented. -- week. -- showing early signs of dementia or alzheimer's and we're very concerned her health her well being police have released this surveillance photo of Kong at the airport. After searching through footage they've spotted her twice first in a taxi line at the arrivals -- And men walking away from the airport on a bike trail headed north along the George Washington parkway. But that was 6:30 on Friday evening. -- have been -- -- down the chaos that George Bush and we've been in and out of the airport we've talked to taxi dispatchers we've talked to airport employees we have talked to. Taxi -- standing in mind we've talked to joggers and bright writers have you seen our grandmother. There have been no more sightings of her but the family is not giving up. We are still prayerful we're really holding the pain we'd love her so much and we just -- -- to be with. Us. From Reagan national airport is investigating why -- wasn't escorted by wheelchair tonight. -- police are appealing to everyone in the Washington DC area her rhetoric -- the family everyone hoping Victoria is okay Lindsay thank you.

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{"id":19114488,"title":"Fear Grows for 82-Year-Old Who Vanished at DC Airport","duration":"1:48","description":"Family members of Victoria Kong continue frantic search for missing grandmother.","url":"/WNT/video/fear-grows-82-year-vanished-dc-airport-19114488","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}