Fears of more bombs planted throughout Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan officials believe the highly-sophisticated, coordinated bombings on Easter Sunday were planned with outside help.
2:47 | 04/23/19

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Transcript for Fears of more bombs planted throughout Sri Lanka
will face a minimum of a ten-year prison sentence. His lawyer says he will fight the charges. A major manhunt in Sri Lanka. Are there terrorists still on the loose? And police are examining this new surveillance, the suspected bombers. The death toll growing tonight. More than 300 now. 45 of the dead are children. James Longman is in Sri Lanka. Reporter: Tonight, soldiers in the streets of Sri Lanka, new fears of bombs planted in cars and motorcycles. The government now warning more terrorists are on the loose. There are a few people on the run. Some are on the run. Reporter: ISIS now taking responsibility for the Easter attacks, posting this picture of the men they claim were the suicide bombers. Sri Lankan officials do believe the highly sophisticated, coordinated bombings were planned with outside help, perhaps in retaliation for last month's deadly assault on mosques in New Zealand, where 50 worshippers were killed. The FBI assisting in the investigation, as police pour over new surveillance images. These pictures broadcast on Sri Lankan TV. Two men with backpacks in an elevator of the shangri la hotel. They then walk through its bustling restaurant where American Matthew linsey tells CNN his was meeting his teenage children Daniel and Amelie. They went down to the buffet before me and got the food for me and filled up my plate and then I wanted a little bit more to drink and I was going to get it and my daughter said, no, I'll get it, and then the bomb went off. Reporter: The explosions upending chairs blowing out the windows. Matthew linsey's children, killed. Outside St. Sebastian's, cameras capture another suspected bomber approaching. He weaves through the crowds and along the pews, before detonating his explosive. It was here that most people died in a single attack. More than 100 people, in fact. Just around the corner today, a funeral for a mother and her children. The family invites us in. These are the bodies of the dead. There are two children lying right in front of me here. The youngest just 7 years old. 45 children killed on Sunday. The death toll at 321. James, back with us tonight. Authorities there are now searching for other possible bombers, and the threat is far from over? Reporter: Definitely not. Police are appealing to the public to find a van, three cars, and six motorcycles all with explosives. There is certainly the potential for more attacks here.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Sri Lankan officials believe the highly-sophisticated, coordinated bombings on Easter Sunday were planned with outside help.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"62584915","title":"Fears of more bombs planted throughout Sri Lanka","url":"/WNT/video/fears-bombs-planted-sri-lanka-62584915"}