Fierce Storms Barrel Though America's Heartland

Several states cope with heavy rains; flash floods threaten major loss of power.
1:30 | 06/23/13

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Transcript for Fierce Storms Barrel Though America's Heartland
tonight, and to the extreme weather battering much of the nation tonight. From the heartland to new england. Abc meteorologist ginger zee with the severe weather ahead this work week, beginning with the pictures tonight and a tornado caught on tape. Reporter: A tornado tearing across the earth in western nebraska. Hail pounding the ground about three hours to the southeast. There have been more than 500 severe weather reports since friday. From the heaping hail on the roads in wyoming to hail as high as this water bottle in south dakota. Winds gusted almost 90 miles an hour in eastern south dakota, shredding this town. I think half of the roof blew off. And the water's coming in. You can see it coming down. Reporter: It's not just wind and hail damaging the midwest, though. It's almost a foot of rain in some places. Flash flooding in southwest wisconsin left at least 600 homes and businesses ruined. Just getting everybody to safety was the priority. Reporter: In minnesota, they are traveling by boat. And ginger is with us now. You were saying severe weather into tonight, not only for the heartland, but in new england, as well. Reporter: That's right. We've seen trees and power lines down from maine into vermont. Hail in new hampshire. That is an area I want folks to be on aler also, from green bay, wisconsin, the u.P. Of michigan, back through parts of nebraska and kansas. That's just tonight. Tomorrow, we're not off the hook. The same spots that have been just blasted for the last couple of days, going to have isolated tornadoes, hail and damaging winds, kansas, nebraska, up into montana.

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{"id":19469684,"title":"Fierce Storms Barrel Though America's Heartland","duration":"1:30","description":"Several states cope with heavy rains; flash floods threaten major loss of power.","url":"/WNT/video/fierce-storms-barrel-americas-heartland-19469684","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}