Fierce Weather Could Stall Morning Commute

Winter storm drops foot of snow on Colorado, 15 states under storm advisory.
3:04 | 03/24/13

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Transcript for Fierce Weather Could Stall Morning Commute
We begin with that fierce storm this evening. More than half of the country in its path before it's over. This video just in tonight from orlando, florida, tonight. Look and listen to this.Eme winds blowing right through the front doors at a lowe's store. Blowing shopping carts like they're toys. You can see the heavy rain outside. And in the west, the storm dropping more than a foot of snow in parts of colorado and moving on to kansas city. As you see in these pictures, blanketing the city with eight inches of snow. Drivers across several states getting stuck and the plows battling to keep up. Look at the winter watches and warnings as we come on the air here. Ginger zee with the forecast for the monday morning commute in a moment. First, gio benitez in the kansas where they are digging out right now. Gio? Reporter: Good evening from the midwest. Where some areas saw some 19 inches of snow. And here in kansas, as people get ready for their monday morning commute, the snow is everywhere. Kansas city, missouri. Socked in and shut down in massive piles of snow. Driving around town, wrapped up in white, it seems winter will never stop coming back for more. Eight inches of snow so far. And it is dangerous. And this is where drivers have to be really careful because cars have had a really tough time just getting down these icy hills. The storm hammering this area since early this morning. And we're in the thick of it right now. As you can see, lots of snow here. Thisnow the third, major snowstorm to hit kansas city. These dangerous conditions, now moving east, after hundreds of miles of highway were shut down, from denver to kansas. More than 19 inches of snow falling in parts of colorado over the weekend. Shut down this interstate near denver. Burning tanker trucks and causing a 50-car pileup. Incredibly, no one was seriously hurt. That same system is bringing severe weather to the south. Winds in atlanta blowing this tree into the apartment building. Luckily, the building was empty. I heard a cracking noise. And it came tumbling down like the london bridge. Reporter: In florida, organizers were forced at the arnold palmer invitaonal, where tiger woods was in the lead, to suspend the golf tournament for the rest of today. And the menacing storm has not finished its work yet. It will head over to the east coast. David? Gio benitez with us tonight. That does not look like spring behind gio. Ginger zee at the desk tonight. First, what we face tonight and tomorrow morning's big commute. Tonight is going to be illinois, indiana and ohio. It's already started in virginia. And tomorrow morning, big cities like d.C., To new york city, going to deal with a rain/snow mix or about one to three inches of snow. What kind of snow are we talking about? One to three inches on the coast. Look at the deep purple areas. Nosere the spots where it's not normal to get this much snow. Indianapolis is included in that 9 to 12-inch range. The mountains of west virginia. But later morning and early afternoon, new york to connecticut gets the wet

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{"id":18802835,"title":"Fierce Weather Could Stall Morning Commute","duration":"3:04","description":"Winter storm drops foot of snow on Colorado, 15 states under storm advisory.","url":"/WNT/video/fierce-weather-stall-morning-commute-18802835","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}