Football Settlement: $765 Million for Players Who Sustained Brain Injuries

NFL not required to make any safety changes to reduce concussions or brain injuries.
4:53 | 08/29/13

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Transcript for Football Settlement: $765 Million for Players Who Sustained Brain Injuries
america's biggest game is generating the biggest headline, a massive settlement between the national football league and thousands of former players. Some of them the best players in the game who say they're now living with devastation from all those concussions in the sport they loved. These are the numbers tonight. The nfl promising $765 million in more than 4,400 lawyers. Is this enough money and is money enough. Reporter: This is a story that has provoked so many emotions. You have a league that's a profit generating machine. Fans really love the hard hits and the former players who took those blows to the head for our entertainment are now paying a very high price. Reporter: Today's settle moment removes for now what would have threatened the very existence of pro football and will bring immediate and medical financial relief for former players dealing with injuries they believe are the result of on field concussions like running back kevin turner, a 44-year-old hobbled by als. You can get on with your problems and not worrying about having the money. Reporter: According to espn sports science, big belows like this can be the equivalent of taking a sledge hammer to the head. More than 4500 former players sued the nfl as well as the family of junior seau who had a brain disease called cte. There were allegations that the nfl deliberately covered up the risk, from players like jim McMAHON WHOSE GIVE NOW HAS TO Program the home address into the gps in his car so he doesn't get lost. They knew about it and didn't tell us. That's flat out lying to you, looking to you in the face and lying to you. Not having to open up its files and books, the nfl gets a chance to not be examined in a way that could have been very embarrassing. Reporter: You wrote the nfl glorified the hyper violent collisions and orchestrated a dis information campaign to conceal the brain injuries. By settling have you let them off the hook? No. Unless somebody thinks paying $600 million is letting somebody off the hook. Reporter: Credit iks say the settlement is too small but the money will bring immediate relief fofrt league's 19,000 former players, every one of whom will be eligible for a medical exam. Those with cognitive impairment will get further testing and treatment and those with serious ilses will get additional money. Reporter: When the season kicks off next week it will be business as usual. Nonethel nonetheless, the settlement raises awareness on an issue that does not go away. The players are getting bigger and the hits are getting harder. Minutes ago I had a chance to talk to espn's chris mortensen who has been covering the nfl for decades. How does everybody feel about that tonight? Sgr without question this is a win for the 32 owners. I spoke to the former nfl player's association president, former player, now retired who is part of this group, and he said in essence, the nfl didn't have to admit they had wrongdoing. We had no discovery. He said what I call this is hush money. That's the thing when we look back five or ten years from now, did anything change for the game today? I think the only thing that changed is for the people who were impacted many years ago who were suffering today and rather than be in the grave and have gotten nothing, getting the type of medical care that they need now for whatever problems they're suffering, they now get financial means to take care of those issues. For the players going forward, that's what a guy like kevin was saying. He said when I'm more informed i can make better decision by having no discovery, paying this hush money we don't know the repercussi repercussions. There are a lot of players that have risk and they're addressing the culture of football and starting at a younger level and going forward. It's probably going to take 10, 15 years to solve all the problems. This was a big headline today, a lot of people arguing about it tonight. That's for sure. Thank you so much, chris. Great to talk to you.

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{"id":20113384,"title":"Football Settlement: $765 Million for Players Who Sustained Brain Injuries","duration":"4:53","description":"NFL not required to make any safety changes to reduce concussions or brain injuries.","url":"/WNT/video/football-settlement-765-million-players-sustained-brain-injuries-20113384","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}