Fort Hood Shooting Victim Reunited With Family

Sgt. Jonathan Westbrook was shot four times when Ivan Lopez went on a rampage.
3:00 | 04/05/14

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Transcript for Fort Hood Shooting Victim Reunited With Family
reunion. One of the soldiers shot at ft. Hood. Hit four times standing a few feet from the army specialist when he opened fire. Reunites with his parents. It comes as a community mourns those lost. The father comforting his young daughter at a gathering where the three shoulders killed. A candlelight vigil held in their honor. ABC is there tonight. Alex. Reporter: This is still a community in mourning, there are American flag tributes just like this popping up all of town. We are learning more about those who survived this ordeal. The moment sergeant Jonathan Westbrook has been waiting for, finally reunited with his family since he was shot four times at ft. Hood. Westbrook's father drove ten hours to see his son. He worried when he served in Afghanistan but didn't imagine he would be attacked here at home. He came here to a U.S. Military installation that's secure and almost lost his life. And got wounded. It's just unbelievable. Reporter: For an excruciating seven hours he knew nothing. About his son's condition. Because we had no information, it was like there was we allowed ourselves to think the very worst. Reporter: Sergeant Westbrook was one of the first to come face to face with Lopez. The violent spree beginning when Lopez asked for a leave of absence form but was told to return the next day. Moments later he returned with a gun in hand opening fire with an area over two blocks long! We may not know exactly why the alleged shooterer did what he did. Reporter: The west brooks basketball together. How grateful are you right now? Eternally grateful and beyond description. Reporter: Mr. Westbrook says he plans to spend as much time here helping his son recover and says he hotheir strength will help the other families. David. Thank you. I want to bring in Martha Raddatz. Who was on the base at ft. Hood today. You heard authorities say this altercation and shootings, they don't believe they were directly related to his mental health issues. But he had been given prescription drugs and seen a psychiatrist, had he not. Just seen a psychiatrist a month ago and he was suffering from anxiety, depression a and sleep disorders. And was on a variety of medications included ambien. And I know this will be a focus of the investigation. Later diagnosed himself with traumatic brain injury. Do they see anything that sets up a red flag. Not necessarily. They know he was not wounded in combat. He didn't see combat in Iraq but sometimes veterans suffer mental health issues even if they haven't seen combat by being in a war zone and some people come into the military with health issues already. You know, David, you look at those smiling pictures. There he is with his family. Those pictures posted on Facebook and you just wonder what could possibly have made this man snap.

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{"id":23208944,"title":"Fort Hood Shooting Victim Reunited With Family","duration":"3:00","description":"Sgt. Jonathan Westbrook was shot four times when Ivan Lopez went on a rampage.","url":"/WNT/video/fort-hood-shooting-victim-reunited-family-23208944","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}