France's president gets official state visit to the White House

President Donald Trump pushed back at criticism over his planned meeting with North Korea.
2:32 | 04/24/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for France's president gets official state visit to the White House
Next tonight, president trump and the first lady preparing for their first official state visit. French president Emmanuel macron and his wife arriving. But geantrypageantry, tough twe questions for the white house. Here's ABC's chief white house correspondent Jonathan Karl. Reporter: A warm welcome for French president macron. The first foreign leader to get an official state visit in the trump white house. Congratulations, great job. Reporter: Macron, who gave the president an epic handshake in Brussels last year, is as close to president trump as any foreign leader. But much of the president's focus right now is on the upcoming planned meeting with a sworn enemy, Kim Jong-un. Hopefully, that meeting will be a great success, and we're looking forward to it. Reporter: Over the weekend, the president pushed back on critics who have questioned the wisdom of agreeing to meet with the north Korean dictator without getting much in return. "Wow, we haven't given up anything," the president tweeted. "And they have agreed to denuclearization -- so great for the world -- site closure, and no more testing." North Korea has suspended missile testing and announced plans to shut down a nuclear test facility, but there has been no agreement yet on giving up their nuclear weapons. Sarah, on North Korea, is the president willing to accept anything short of complete denuclearization before lifting any sanctions? Certainly the goal is denuclearization of the peninsula, and we're going to continue the maximum pressure campaign that has been ongoing to North Korea until we see concrete actions taken towards complete and total denuclearization. So, let's get to Jon Karl, live from the white house tonight. And Jon, Mike Pompeo, the president's pick for secretary of state, as we know, recently met with Kim Jong-un in north Korea. They kept that under wraps for days. There was a major headline today on Mike Poe pay owe himself. Reporter: Just moments ago, the senate foreign relations committee approved Pompeo's nomination to be secretary of state. This came after it looked like the Pompeo nomination would be rejected by the committee, and the vote only switched when Rand Paul, Republican senator, switched his vote from no to yes. That came after the personal intervention of president trump and paves the way for Pompeo to be confirmed this week. The president gets Rand Paul involved and on board. Jon, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"President Donald Trump pushed back at criticism over his planned meeting with North Korea. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"54677489","title":"France's president gets official state visit to the White House","url":"/WNT/video/frances-president-official-state-visit-white-house-54677489"}