Furious Reaction to Juror Who Spoke About George Zimmerman Trial

A Zimmerman juror reached out to agent the day after verdict to write a book.
2:14 | 07/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Furious Reaction to Juror Who Spoke About George Zimmerman Trial
Did you see the furious online reaction today to the george zimmerman juror who spoke out about the secrets of the jury and their verdict of aquestionedle. Tonight her words and a new debate. Matt gutman back on the story for us. Reporter: Today the after shocks from the case still rippling out, protesting across the country because for so many it's personal, including the nation's attorney general, talking today about a conversation his father had with him years ago about being black and dealing with the police with caution. After trayvon martin's shooting he says he had to have the same talk with his son. Yet, for all the progress that we've seen, recent events demonstrate that we still have much more work to do and much further to go. Reporter: But race wasn't an issue inside the jury room where george zimmerman's fate was decided. A woman identified as juror b 37 lked to cnn. Nobody felt race played a role. None of the jurors? I can't speak for them. That wasn't part of the discussion? No, we never had that discussion. Reporter: They were right up there on the fird r third floor. After 16 hours of deliberations they decided they had to acquit george zimmerman, soing that juror says was painful. I want people to know that we put everything into everything to get this verdict. We didn't just go in there and say we're going to come in here and just do guilty, not guilty. We thought about it for hours and cried over it afterwards. Reporter: Her comments also sparking outrage when discussing her difficulty understanding rachel jeantel, one of the prosecutor's star witnesses. I don't think it's really racial. I think it's just every day life. The type of life that they live and how they're living, the environment that they're living in. Reporter: As for martin's mother who said she's heart broken because of the verdict calling for calm. God is healing my heart but as i watch so many people coming together it reminds me we have a lot of work to do. Matt gutman, abc news, sanford, florida.

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{"id":19683261,"title":"Furious Reaction to Juror Who Spoke About George Zimmerman Trial","duration":"2:14","description":"A Zimmerman juror reached out to agent the day after verdict to write a book.","url":"/WNT/video/furious-reaction-juror-spoke-george-zimmerman-trial-19683261","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}