Give Kids the World: Making Children's Dreams Come True

Child ravaged by kidney cancer makes miracle recovery.
3:00 | 01/24/14

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Transcript for Give Kids the World: Making Children's Dreams Come True
Finally tonight here, our person of the week. Imagine a place where Christmas comes once a week, a place where they make wishes come true. That place exists. Tonight the young girl the miracle and the dream come true no one saw coming. Reporter: She looks like your typical 15-year-old but Alyssa petrewska is anything but. She has defied the odds. I'm here 12 years later it's a miracle. Reporter: At just 3 years old, Alyssa was ravaged by kidney cancer. Doctors told her parents it would not be long. Her family asked her a simple question, what was her wish? It was to be a princess. That wish was granted in kissimee, Florida, at a special place called give kids the world. Where, for five days children with life-threatening illnesses, can just be kids. There's Christmas every Thursday and there's a 24/7 ice cream palace. There's a carousel that you can ride every day and any day that you want. Reporter: With more than 15,000 volunteers from nearby Disney world they've hosted more than 127,000 families from all 50 states, 74 countries. I was laughing, and I was smiling, anything that I could possibly imagine I did. Reporter: But, she could hardly imagine what doctors would tell her parents next. When I came home and they said that I was better and that my tumor was shrinking and that I was actually responding to I was alive because of give kids the world. Reporter: Tonight, now a 15-year-old Alyssa is cancer free, and a volunteer there herself. Once they open the Gates you see children running to their parents arms with tears of happiness, not sadness. Reporter: And this morning, Alyssa was right there as our "Good morning America" team revealed an extraordinary surprise -- the 25-year-old complex given a wish itself a complete makeover where they make wishes come true. A complete makeover where they make dreams come true. So we choose all of the volunteers at give kids the

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{"id":21669138,"title":"Give Kids the World: Making Children's Dreams Come True","duration":"3:00","description":"Child ravaged by kidney cancer makes miracle recovery.","url":"/WNT/video/give-kids-world-making-childrens-dreams-true-21669138","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}