Good News for Homeowners

Home prices jump 11 percent over the past year -- and there are ways to boost value even more.
2:15 | 05/28/13

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Transcript for Good News for Homeowners
tonight, some good news for home owners, there are big numbers out today. Home prices in america, jumping up almost 11% from a year ago. The largest gain in nearly seven years. So if you're thinking now is the time to sell, here's abc's paula faris, with ways to boost the price even more. New ways to make "real money." Reporter: There's a home-buying frenzy. Americans finally feeling confident enough to take advantage of those record low mortgage rates. And for the two million americans currently selling their homes, they're looking to cash in. Home prices across the country surging, which is why the McDOUGAL FAMILY OF PHOENIX HAS Their home on the market, where prices are up more than 22% from just a year ago. Take you through the virtual tour. This is the outside point of our house right here. Reporter: We heard it in las vegas today. Coming to you from indigo springs in las vegas, nevada. The home prices are soaring here in las vegas. Reporter: And atlanta too. Coming to you from atlanta georgia. Reporter: This 1,400 square foot single family home in las vegas would have listed for roughly $158,000 a year ago. Today it's $200,000 -- up over 20%. And in atlanta, this three-bedroom home could now fetch $180,000, up roughly 19% from last year. You think this is a trend that's going to continue. Why are you so optimistic? The prices are in line with where rs are willing to pay and sellers are willing to sell. Reporter: But even in a hot market, there are ways to put more money in your pocket. Tip number one, listing earlier in the summer is better. May and june are the best months. You'll get more money, compared to listing later in the year. Two, list on a friday. Stshow it gets toured nearly 20% more. Three, use a professional photographer. Those that did had a higher sale to list ratio. And four, don't forget the details. By cleaning out the clutter, ying a new faucet, new doorknobs, replacing that outdated tv, we helped one family increase the value of their home by nearly $25,000. I'm optimistic. I'm not a real estate agent, but I'm optimistic.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"Home prices jump 11 percent over the past year -- and there are ways to boost value even more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"19275800","title":"Good News for Homeowners","url":"/WNT/video/good-news-homeowners-19275800"}