Government Shutdown Not Just Affecting Furloughed Govt. Workers

Obama and Biden visit a restaurant offering a discount to those out of work because of shutdown.
2:41 | 10/04/13

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Transcript for Government Shutdown Not Just Affecting Furloughed Govt. Workers
The government shutdown now in it's fourth day. President obama, vp biden both getting a sandwich, both pointing out what the owners of that restaurant are doing for furloughed government workers. Part of the reason we're here, we're starving and the food here is great. The other part of it, though, is that right now, this establishment is providing a 10% discount to all federal workers, who are on furlough. Tonight the number american families being hit is growing. Just as we track down a congressman at the center of a controversial moment with a worker from the park service trying to do her job. Here tonight abc senior national correspondent jim avila. Reporter: From the base of the rockies in colorado springs, home to more federal employees per capita than any other american city, protests and pushback against the shutdown, that has unemployed 800,000 nationwide. I'm basically shut off. My family is not going to get fed. Bills not going to get paid. Reporter: She is a teacher facing a shutdown layoff. And she's scared. And wants to tell her congressman directly. I have a family to take care of. And it's real to me. And it's affecting me. It's hard. Reporter: We took her message to her congressman, tea party supporter from colorado doug lambor. That's regrettable. But these are big issues. I don't think the republicans want to give 100% to the democrats, they don't want to give 100% to us. Reporter: If that's difficult for tracy school and others in her district? I regret that. I wish it was not that way. Reporter: We went to visit another congressman today, you may have seen texas republican randy nugebauer's outburst at a park ranger doing her job at the world war ii memorial. How do you deny them access? It's difficult. It should be difficult. It is difficult. Park service should be ashamed. I'm not ashamed. You should be. Reporter: Today the congressman was not so anxious to reflects on that verbal shaming. Avoiding comment this morning, but unable to out run news cameras this afternoon. Is that what you said? You berated a woman who had ing to do with the shutdown s. There a reason for that? I meant no disrespect to the park ranger. Reporter: And this is just week one. Jim avila, abc news, capitol hill. Just week one as jim points out one of the leaders of the center of the showdown, john boehner sits down with george stephanopoulos and abc news exclusive sunday morning on this week with george.

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{"id":20478299,"title":"Government Shutdown Not Just Affecting Furloughed Govt. Workers","duration":"2:41","description":"Obama and Biden visit a restaurant offering a discount to those out of work because of shutdown.","url":"/WNT/video/government-shutdown-affecting-furloughed-govt-workers-20478299","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}