The Greatest Play in Sports History?

Auburn's Chris Davis catches field goal from Alabama and returns the kick for a winning touchdown.
2:09 | 12/02/13

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Transcript for The Greatest Play in Sports History?
And finally tonight, who doesn't dream of being the hero and pulling off an all time impossible victory? Everyone is looking at a video tape tonight and asking, did that really happen? Abc's josh elliott takes us straight to the magic moment. Reporter: Some are calling it the greatest finish in sports history. An unimaginable ending -- davis is going to run it all the way back! Reporter: It was set up by a string of dramatic moments but with just 43 seconds left in the game, a game tieing touchdown pass by auburn. So alabama gets the ball a final time but is stopped on this play. Officials put one second back on the clock seemly giving the crimson tide a second chance at victory. Instead of alabama's regular kicker who had already missed three field goal attempts in the game, out came freshman griffith. Return man, chris davis, cat quick, suddenly burst to his left, seemly catching the entire coverage team off guard. This play will go down as one of the top three all time college plays in football if not the best. Reporter: Was it the greatest ever? Absolutely. Just one second. Reporter: Of course it did. Reminiscent of so many other game winning moments, kurt gibson's world series home run. A determined kerry strug battling an ankle injury to win olympic gold or two weeks ago when football lightning struck twice this same auburn team pulled off another last minute win on a desperation pass and leaving us all wondering, what might these auburn tigers do for an encore? Josh elliott, abc news, new york.

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{"id":21076316,"title":"The Greatest Play in Sports History?","duration":"2:09","description":"Auburn's Chris Davis catches field goal from Alabama and returns the kick for a winning touchdown.","url":"/WNT/video/greatest-play-sports-history-21076316","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}