Gunman Opens Fire Inside Parliament in Canada

Soldier, suspected gunman dead in Canadian capital of Ottawa.
3:54 | 10/22/14

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Transcript for Gunman Opens Fire Inside Parliament in Canada
Good evening and we begin with the fear and chaos just across our border tonight. A day of terror in the Canadian capital. And at this hour, the suspect behind it. Was he a convert? Was he doing this for Isis? Look at the map this evening. This all happened just 60 miles north of the border in the capital of ottawa. The gunman opening fire at a memorial for soldiers first. Then storming parliament. And listen to what plays out in the hallways there. Reporter: The prime minister raced to safety. The U.S. Embassy under lockdown. Championships piled up, barricading doorways. A terrified city. Tonight, what the FBI is now saying about the threat right here at home. We have team coverage and new information on the suspect and his motives. But we begin with ABC's Dan Harris on the ground in ottawa tonight. Dan? Reporter: David, good evening. The shooting happened just down the street behind me. Much of this area still on lockdown as police conduct what they call an active and dynamic operation at this hour. This has been a day of terror in this normally quiet city and it all started this morning. Gunshots. Everybody out. Reporter: Running for cover, panic in the halls of parliament end and on the city streets. Police rushing to multiple shootings across the city, all within less than a mile. The fear? A series of coordinated attacks. The violence starting at the Ka that day's national war memorial. Just before 10:00 A.M., that than S Nathan Cirillo, on duty, in ceremonial uniform, shot dead by a gunman. Some bystanders using to his aid, others in shock. Three or four shots, and then he ran off. I yelled at all my guys, "There's a guy shooting, so, everyone, get down, get down." Get out of the way! Reporter: Police, guns drawn, hunting for the shooter. We may have multiple patients. One soldier has been hit. Reporter: Then, within minutes, another attack. This time, inside a packed parliament building, just steps away. [ Gun fire snmd parliament just steps away. Lawmakers scrambling for cover. Dozens of shots, echoing through the halls. Reporter josh Wingrove in the thick of it. We heard gunshots come up from there and sort of ducking my head down the hall. We saw the smoke from guns. You could smell it almost instantly. Reporter: Members of parliament barricading doorways with chairs and tables. Bliss swarming rooftops, sweeping the government complex. Some workers huddling in the dark. Others scrambling to safety. Canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper, was rushed away. The rampage finally ending when sergeant as arms Kevin Vickers shoots and kills the gunman. Tonight, ABC news learned he is Canadian Michael zehaf-bibeau. Lawmakers were stunned. This is a day that changes everything. Reporter: But the chaos isn't over. The fear, another gunman potentially on the loose. To your left, out of the way. Reporter: Blocks away residents ordered off the streets and away from windows. Police swarming the city center. You can tell we are in an area that is going through an emergency. We're seeing ambulances, paramedics and just police all over the place. Most of the streets blocked off. Reporter: This evening, three people in the hospital, recovering from injuries as a nation mourns that murdered soldier. Canada, tonight, on high alert. At times during the day, police thought there may have been more than two shooting locations. They thought there may have been a shooting at a local shopping center. Now, they believe it was just as the war memorial and in parliament. The big outstanding question, though, police will not say at this hour whether they think there was more than one gunman.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Soldier, suspected gunman dead in Canadian capital of Ottawa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"26387201","title":"Gunman Opens Fire Inside Parliament in Canada","url":"/WNT/video/gunman-opens-fire-inside-parliament-canada-26387201"}