Halloween Storm Could Dampen All the Fun

Ryan Owens and Ginger Zee track the latest weather across America.
3:00 | 10/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Halloween Storm Could Dampen All the Fun
We -- weather on this Halloween millions of families. Taking a rain check -- literally on that trick or treating tonight and here's why a giant system on the move this evening some of the worst flooding in nearly a century. In Texas Eric church under water -- -- handed off by rescuers a highway broken into pieces by the rushing water. And look at this tonight families huddled on rooftops waiting for help. More than fifty million Americans in the storm zone tonight ABC meteorologist. But we begin here with ABC's Ryan Owens in the middle of the mess tonight -- good evening. Good evening to you David -- -- -- -- one of an estimated 500 homes that now look like this would you take a look around me talk about a muddy mess this was a flash flood so. Most of the water is gone except the stuff on slicing through the what a mess left behind how high did they get look great here. This is the water line almost as tall as I -- a whole lot of people here with a lot to clean up. Hundred people woke up to a real scare this Halloween across central Texas and had to be rescued from rising waters. Helicopters plucked a couple from two treetops they were hanging there for hours just above the raging waters. After the floods swept away their SUV. Both suffered from hypothermia but are expected to be okay. Emergency crews in boats went door to door through neighborhoods south -- -- they found families complete with their dogs stuck on the roof. Firefighters climbed ladders to bring them to safety. Thirty we're between me and my house nearly every -- yeah everything's gone. Wherever. They even rescued one woman who went into labor while she was trapped. Evacuees had just minutes to get out. More than a foot of rain fell here in the Austin area overnight roads reduced to rivers cars swallowed. One motorcyclist was killed when he slammed into a barricade. The massive storm is affecting an estimated 53 million people from Houston to New Orleans Cleveland to Detroit. Missouri's been hit with high winds and hail. Kids in Chicago are stuck trick or treating on -- wettest Halloween in almost two decades. People had no time to decide what they wanted to take -- -- the woman. Who lived in this house got creative David she actually see -- chest down there she stacked up on top of the dining room table. And that's where she put all of the families photo album so they're all in good shape tonight as for the rest of the house well. You can see that it. Glad to see the -- was OK and at the families of -- two Reiner thanks to you for leaving -- off and -- it up. Photo albums they've taught the most important -- -- what is now and you said -- totals are staggering. They really aren't at the first map -- want to show you is how much rain actually felt this gives you good depiction of where it fell especially south and west of Boston places like when Bradley Texas. Just east of Waco and into Louisiana the numbers above a foot in some places -- -- second finalist Kimberly at twelve point 45 inches while. And then a forecast David I want to show you because -- -- this rain is selling it to -- east obviously with this tremendous cold front Birmingham to Atlanta gets up to an inch and a half then in the center -- a little bit lighter but there -- a target on northern lower peninsula of Michigan and the far eastern portion of the upper peninsula asking itching to get more than two inches. And David the wind gusts as what comes behind -- we're talking forty to sixty mile per hour winds parts of upstate New York eastern Michigan. Down to parts of -- well even Nashville's tomorrow windy. And a lot of what costumes tonight to be safe out the candy tastes the same -- thank you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Ryan Owens and Ginger Zee track the latest weather across America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"20748120","title":"Halloween Storm Could Dampen All the Fun","url":"/WNT/video/halloween-storm-dampen-fun-20748120"}