New Harry Potter Website Crashes Due to Massive Public Interest

"Pottermore" unveils a new chapter in the adult lives of Harry Potter characters.
1:59 | 07/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Harry Potter Website Crashes Due to Massive Public Interest
And finally here tonight, something that had almost everyone buzzing today. It has been seven years since the last "Harry potter" book. The series sold 450 million copies worldwide. But today he made a surprise comeback in a new story. ABC's linsey Davis tells us why we can't call him the boy wizard anymore. Reporter: When we first met this bespectacled orphan boy filled with magic -- Make a wish, harry. Reporter: -- He was celebrating his birthday, just 11 years old. We can expect great things from you. Reporter: Over the course of seven bestselling books and eight blockbuster movies, we watched this little wizard and his friends grow, but this was the last we heard from harry potter until today, a new chapter. Harry, now a father of two, is about to turn 34. And while he has "A couple of threads of silver in his hair," he continues to wear the distinctive round glasses he wore as a boy. Ron, whose "Famous ginger hair appears to be slightly thinning," runs a joke shop and is married to hermione, now a mother of two, enjoying a successful career in "Magical" law enforcement. Yes, harry potter is back, sort of, in a post on jk Rowling's pottermore website. Harry hasn't left me to the degree that thought he would and I'm quite glad about that. Reporter: Rowling, who has described being hounded by the tabloid press, writes this 1,500-word update, as if it were a newspaper report by fictitious gossip columnist Rita skeeter. Perhaps interjecting a bit of non-fiction she writes, "Anyone closely connected with harry potter reaps the benefits and must pay the penalty of public interest." The penalty of public interest today? Rowling's pottermore website reportedly crashed. Apparently too many people were eager to read what this time may be harry's final chapter. Linsey Davis, ABC news, new

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{"id":24478131,"title":"New Harry Potter Website Crashes Due to Massive Public Interest","duration":"1:59","description":"\"Pottermore\" unveils a new chapter in the adult lives of Harry Potter characters.","url":"/WNT/video/harry-potter-website-crashes-due-massive-public-interest-24478131","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}