See how far the Hawaii volcano's devastation goes

Take a helicopter ride with ABC News' Matt Gutman as he surveys Kilauea's damage.
5:52 | 05/14/18

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Transcript for See how far the Hawaii volcano's devastation goes
I don't like never met. It shows you bet but it. Went right over here are that. By the way but over there at the red riding. Woods vocal writing. But that they can I get that haven't been here it is. I double take it by far the largest one. New England if these eruptions that began the gun. I believe me not want to be that I'm could have got pilot it's just that I've been permitted to tell us how high up that air that Golan Heights it would it would get over there. But he. Compared to last week went and it my we work we actually have a lot more activity. Indicated well Xbox seems like there's more. Any important holidays pushing up in the on the surface. It states on upper part of the stretch of us hope and that you features into the shine blue smoke here because the left and that's this year. Fisher each team area. I'm right here do you think that's going. At Tiffany Glick about 2000 that the well to bullets at least 2000. And. Cameraman Doug build going to be a British show the local for the and try to get a little closer. They don't believe that's coming up its lied about 101000. Hit here the I think he admitted today that it pretty committed that it very different from what we did. Don't act. So it's a rocket. I can't hit it pretty significant. Don't you look at it and why have they gotten that everything is the result of the volcanic eruption that they'll. Apparently the level of air. But it if enacted don't think people riveted part of the island. Upwards of 35 struck at that destroyed thirty homes. 8000. We'll have that support both actually. I doubt there. Go to stick that thick. That both looked at. Putting it that night but here. We don't exactly know how much area had been covered by it we hit Iraq should help me that lava flow is issue of substance. But it definitely yesterday after it. Significantly if that road at these latest erupted with the opposite of what we've had double. What about that that aircraft carrier. That's that's a pretty sizable probable rapidly gobbling up everything good about the road to breathe. And. Doctors anywhere from. We're confident. It looked at how the opposite they'll kill with everything he's got there pretty good right here all the problems but. This happens very very I think. Has not appeared if not with the impact people who populated area. If I can't expect that he years. I think everybody. So what are partly it's like he was around the other side of point. It went the other side effects of health. Importantly get. But when it. Football. Picture an optimistic public picture right here I think. The department of write down their hope they haven't even if that's what you want but it again once the strike that you would find him. It's simple goodness it is what it is that it sport that part of pretty credible that the Holbrook that ankle and right batter cookie theater built it. It perfect fit but ideal Bob to close it down there. If that. We're ready we'll ticket writing good hundred feet. It didn't want to rebuild pampered actor but we are watching. Active lava erupted right now but this guy here. Pretty impressive that Donald Lee Howell. I think the government outlawed here the last thing. Got it back. Not that I hope they got it. That the pitcher that detonator that eight that lava covered up. We'll watch it locked up and up. I get that it. I can't help but it's definitely theory is that right there that he got popped bulk. You could literally exploding right now might it be that make the foot boat that. Popped up with the air's right here that is full rich of the fire. But that politically. And that's what we think fury felt by all these. But there flat of the public voting red horrible but there's been beaten down that would fit. Here. Etiquette. There's. If it doesn't let that person but let me. Or. Everything hitting that. They'll look at the Goldberg editor off book around but it's not up for now thank you won't want it back got. You know at the health of the campers got here pilot. 80 watch him make here.

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{"id":55166091,"title":"See how far the Hawaii volcano's devastation goes","duration":"5:52","description":"Take a helicopter ride with ABC News' Matt Gutman as he surveys Kilauea's damage.","url":"/WNT/video/hawaii-volcanos-devastation-55166091","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}