High-Drama Rescue at 1 World Trade Center

Two workers were left dangling when scaffolding failed 69 stories up.
2:10 | 11/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for High-Drama Rescue at 1 World Trade Center
To the other images tonight that have people so worried today. Many watches on television. The drama unfolding, 69 stories up. Watching those workers dangling from the new world trade center here in New York. Two window washers trapped on their scaffold. Their platform, right there, more than 800 feet in the air. And just to give you some perspective tonight, look at the tower here. You can see the circle there, just how high up they wrp. Then, the dramatic rescue. This is the moment, right before rescuers break through the window to get to the workers. ABC's David Wright is on the scene for us. David? Reporter: Good evening, David. As you can see, the area immediately around this iconic building is shut down. That broken window washers platform still posing a danger. But tonight, a sigh of relief, after this cliff hanger 800 feet up. 12:42 P.M., the New York fire department gets the call. Window washers trapped outside the 69th floor of 1 world trade center. Their rig malfunctioned, listing dangerously. First responders racing to the scene. Police officers peering out over the top of America's tallest building. Tourists at the ground zero memorial riveted to this life or death drama. Inside the building, fire fighters snapped this photo. How nervous were those two guys? They were cool. They knew -- they had no options but they were okay. Reporter: With these small diamond blade saws, they cut through the double paned glass. Finally, 2:15 P.M., picking the window washers to safety. First one, then the other. After dangling up there for an hour and a half, the window washers are now safe, but fire crews now face a second major challenge. That scaffolding still poses a danger to people on the ground below. A harrowing ordeal at a building that, for these fire fighters especially, is hallowed ground. We're in the shadow of those games forever and the best way we can honor their memory is to do the job right. Reporter: And you did it right today. That's what we did. Reporter: The firefighters train for this every day, in fact, we're told, at this very building, they trained for this type of scenario just ten days ago. David? David Wright in lower Manhattan for us.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"Two workers were left dangling when scaffolding failed 69 stories up.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"26875139","title":"High-Drama Rescue at 1 World Trade Center","url":"/WNT/video/high-drama-rescue-world-trade-center-26875139"}