Hillary Clinton Faces New Controversy

Emails show Bill Clinton asking to give speeches in North Korea and Congo.
2:06 | 08/29/15

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Faces New Controversy
And Hillary Clinton facing a new firestorm over her husband's e-mails. Asking for the green light to give speeches tied to some of the most brutal regimes in the world for big bucks. Jon Karl is on the story tonight. Reporter: With its vast army, nuclear weapons, and the world's most notorious dictator, north Korea would seem an unlikely place for a former president to make a buck. But e-mails obtained by ABC news show bill Clinton tried to get approval to give a North Korea speech while Hillary was secretary of state. The request coming from one of his top aides to Mrs. Clinton's chief of staff, Cheryl mills. Mills' terse reply -- "Decline it." But the former president's aide asked for an explanation. Mills wrote back to tell bill Clinton -- "If he needs more, let him know his wife knows and I am happy to call him." The e-mails came to light because of a lawsuit by the conservative group citizens united. Today, Mrs. Clinton acknowledged her husband asked for approval to give this speech and many others. There was some unusual requests, but they all went through the process to try to make sure that the state department conducted its independent review. Reporter: Another unusual request -- a speech for $650,000 in the Congo attended by two of Africa's most notorious dictators. Clinton's own speaking agency recommended declining the invite, noting, "The prevalence and intensity of sexual violence against women in eastern Congo is widely described as the worst in the world." But Mr. Clinton did not want to take no for an answer. His aide asking if he could do the speech if all the money went to the Clinton foundation, instead of to Clinton directly. Neither of those speeches happened, because the state department didn't approve either of them. But all told, Clinton made $48 million giving speeches while

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Emails show Bill Clinton asking to give speeches in North Korea and Congo. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"33394442","title":"Hillary Clinton Faces New Controversy","url":"/WNT/video/hillary-clinton-faces-controversy-33394442"}