Hillary Clinton Hoping She Has Enough Momentum to Sweep the South

Clinton wins GA, VA, AL, TN, AR, and TX; Sanders takes VT and OK, vowing to stay in race until the end.
5:27 | 03/01/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hillary Clinton Hoping She Has Enough Momentum to Sweep the South
And out of the democratic side tonight Hillary Clinton. We've momentum of course after those wins in South Carolina and Nevada. And tonight perhaps a new message signal she's committing to Donald Trump what she said today about trump and the Republicans. Senator Bernie Sanders tonight vows to take this all the way to the convention. ABC Cecilia Vega with the candidates final sprint. Everybody. Hillary Clinton in her final push today at the Super Tuesday battleground of Minnesota we're getting our campaign. Shaking every class and taking every last cell. I get is helping I would documents and I she may still be running against Bernie Sanders. Clinton's strategy now. Taking on the GOP namely Donald shall I just speaking out against bigotry and bullying wherever right here man I hear a lot of that from the Republican candidate they. Thieves UN. Forgotten completely about issues and are now running. Their campaigns based on its songs. They did even ripping on Trump's campaign slogan what we need to go to gather as BankAmerica all whole again. But the man on the receiving end say. Bring it only. But I haven't even started and orient. Hillary cannot make America great she was talking about something yesterday making him. The whole home. I don't let home I want. Great again. Or anything. Back home in Vermont Sanders and his wife Jane casting their votes today hoping for some surprise victories tonight and vowing to stay in the fight. With the big campaign that's going through the Philadelphia convention. The blog. But now it all comes down to the voters it is a very tough choice but today's boating have to make decisions so. Excellent candidate and unit which we're leaning and leaning a little bit lord what's Hillary in this Virginia diner today this group already has their minds made up. The prediction for Super Tuesday Virginia who wins Hillary are burning. Plus Smart. Few laps on this Super Tuesday Cecilia Vega live at or election headquarters tonight as well into steely you've been talking to your sources and Clinton camp. A tempering expectations were telling us they're saying there will be some loss is tonight. That's right David they do concede Bernie Sanders will win some states but Clinton camp is going in tonight feeling confident we've also learned Bernie Sanders has raised in massive 42. Million dollars in the month of February alone that's more than Marco Rubio has raised this entire campaign. But one Clinton aide telling me tonight it's not about raising money it's about winning delegates. All right to simulate type with the voters on the spot they're Super Tuesday have to decide now or never thanks as soon.

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{"id":37320357,"title":"Hillary Clinton Hoping She Has Enough Momentum to Sweep the South","duration":"5:27","description":"Clinton wins GA, VA, AL, TN, AR, and TX; Sanders takes VT and OK, vowing to stay in race until the end.","url":"/WNT/video/hillary-clinton-hoping-momentum-sweep-south-37320357","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}