The holiday travel rush slammed with storms

Today is one of the busiest days to travel and two storms are merging in the east are making it even more difficult for many to travel.
2:22 | 12/22/18

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Transcript for The holiday travel rush slammed with storms
The two storms we have been tracking all week are merging in the east right now, on major holiday travel day. Look at this. A flooded underpass. This is JFK airport here in new York. Blinding rain for drivers in Massachusetts. And coming in behind the icy storm, you can see this. Some snow like we're seeing here in North Carolina. Tonight, wind and flood alerts stretch from Florida to Maine. A long night ahead for travelers. Gio Benitez is here in New York City. Reporter: Tonight, torrential rainstorms turning highways into waterways as millions head out for the holidays. Waves lapping at the sides of cars in New York City, cars barely making it through this flooded underpass. High winds bringing down trees from the bronx to Boston. And at airports from Miami, to Charlotte, to New York's Laguardia, delays piling up on the busiest day of the season. I can't believe how long this line is. And it's not even close to Christmas eve. Reporter: ABC's David Kerley at the FAA's air traffic control center in Virginia. That wind and rain in the northeast already causing problems here for the folks in the national command center trying to keep planes on schedule. Reporter: Temporary ground stops at all three New York airports. So many flights canceled today. This problem may spill over into tomorrow? Reporter: Yeah, that's right, Tom. More than 6,000 flights delayed across this country. More than 300 canceled. We're already seeing the delays go into tomorrow. That's because this storm is still moving through. Tom? All right. An update on the storm now. Thank you. Let's get to senior meteorologist rob Marciano. Troubling storms on both coasts right now. Yeah, and the one here in the east is so big. We're really only about halfway through payment tremendous heat flux. Temperatures in the 60s in the northeast. Now some embedded thunderstorms in Pennsylvania. A dry slot from New York to D.C. Up Thor level part comes through tonight. Rain, snow, the wind alerts down into the deep south again. We look for temperatures to turn much cooler once we get through tomorrow. Snowfall accumulations. The storms out west. The pacific lighting up for an active pattern. Tom? Rob Marciano, thank you. We move on to major development in the case of the

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"Today is one of the busiest days to travel and two storms are merging in the east are making it even more difficult for many to travel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"59965216","title":"The holiday travel rush slammed with storms","url":"/WNT/video/holiday-travel-rush-slammed-storms-59965216"}