Hottest Week of the Year

Amid heat advisories in major cities, information on staying healthy and getting relief.
2:33 | 07/16/13

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Transcript for Hottest Week of the Year
As many of you know it is a withering wiltering blistering heat and it is hitting millions of homes across the country. Take a look, the warnings are going out to cities like boston, milwaukee, dc. Thousands struggling with water. Imagine in this heat being handed two gallons to get you through the day. Reporter: From maine to the graks and into the deep south. Nearly one half of this country is dealing the blistering heat. Ever been close to death? It's two steps closer. Reporter: It's a combination of high daytime temperatures, high nighttime temperatures and humidity that never gives your body the chance to feel cooler. Near washington d.C. Where it felt like 100 degrees, nearly 150,000 residents told to stock pile water for as long as five days because the main water pipe that supplies the area will be shut down tonight over fears it may fail. By bottled water to drink, two glance per person to get you through. Reporter: This woman found a new use for her kids' play pool. Going to use it to flush the toilets. Reporter: Even if the TEMPERATURE STAYS IN THE 90s, Add the humidity and it will feel above 100 degrees. The human body can sweat as much as a quart and a and a half of liquid an hour. In new york emergency services standing by for those overcome by the heat. They're in the hot subway and literally drop and find out i haven't been drinking, I was rushing around. Reporter: In philadelphia despite temperatures flirting with 100 degrees, they're sweating it out for tourist. You have to think create tifl to get cool. In new york the hottest bar right now is the coolest bar, inside the hilton hotel, a bar made of ice. 100 degrees outside, 23 degrees in here. Reporter: This heat wave is widespread and long lasting. Let me show you whose under this heat dome as this area of high pressure backs in from the east coast across the country, the hot spot continues all the way west to texas, oklahoma and kansas. Take a look at how long these NUMBERS WILL BE IN THE 90s FOR Major cities like chicago, washington d.C., New york and memphis we're talking about FRIDAY BEING IN THE 90s. Cap it off with maybe a change after friday and you're talking about a five or six day heat wave for many cities in the eastern half of the nation. Diane?

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{"id":19683046,"title":"Hottest Week of the Year","duration":"2:33","description":"Amid heat advisories in major cities, information on staying healthy and getting relief.","url":"/WNT/video/hottest-week-year-19683046","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}