Another Huge Heist in Cannes

Big theft in Cannes, France, days after thieves made off with $136 million in diamonds and jewels.
1:38 | 07/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Another Huge Heist in Cannes
We go overseas to france. The arrive yar ya where it happened again. Another brazen robbery in the city of cannes. 72 hours ago thooefs made off with $136 million in diamonds and jewels. Tonight a new target, a new hit just half a mime away. Reporter: Cannes, home to europe's most celebrity packed film festival, is in the midst of a crime wave. Wednesday, two men, one with an automatic pistol, one with a grenade, walked into this high-end jewelry store and walked out with 40 watches. It's the second heist this week. On sunday, a lone gunman waltzed into this hotel and made off with a whopping $136 million in diamonds. They both happened half a mile apart on the similar street and both happened around the same time of day. Allotted lot of wealthy people and easy access to other countries. Reporter: Former jewel thief larry lawton says if the robbers do it the way he used to do it, the goods are already sold. The piece that came in, whether it was a watch and had a marker on it, would be out of my possession within 24 hours. Reporter: The recent crimes have many wondering why haven't they beefed up security. Well, the city of cannes normally only has 20 police officers on duty during the day. The chief of police is doubling that number tonight.

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{"id":19832153,"title":"Another Huge Heist in Cannes","duration":"1:38","description":"Big theft in Cannes, France, days after thieves made off with $136 million in diamonds and jewels.","url":"/WNT/video/huge-heist-cannes-19832153","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}