Human smuggling horror discovered in Texas death trap

At least 10 are dead after people smuggled in a tractor-trailer were found in a parking lot.
2:25 | 07/24/17

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Transcript for Human smuggling horror discovered in Texas death trap
We move ton tonight, and we have new reporting after the horror that was discovered inside a truck in San Antonio. The death toll rising to ten now. It's believed about 100 people were crammed in the back of a sweltering tractor trailer. The truck driver in federal court today, and what he told the judge. And survivors now describing taking turns breathing through the one hole they found in the back of the rig. ABC's Kenneth Moton in San Antonio. Reporter: Tonight, James Bradley, the man behind the wheel of that sweltering death trap that killed ten people. He could face the death penalty. As he entered court in shackles, prosecutors revealing new detas of the horrors inside this tractor trailer. They are in the hospital many of them in grave condition. Reporter: 9:00 P.M. Saturday, undocumented immigrants, many of them Mexicans tell investigators they were jammed into the big rig in Laredo Texas. Nearly 100 people in triple digit heat. Inside pitch black, no food or water for 12 hours without moving. 9:00 P.M., victims say the trailer starting the journey. The cooling system inside, broken. Within an hour, some passing out, people banging on the trailer walls, claiming the driver never stopped. In sheer desperation for air, passengers taking turns breathing from the only hole in the trailer. To not have access to proper air ventilation is just incredibly cruel. Reporter: Three hours later, the truck arriving in San Antonio. Police say surveillance video showing people pouring out. Some fleeing. 12:23, police arrive to the gruesome scene. Eight dead bodies in the truck. They were very hot to the touch. Reporter: This tragedy eerily similar to the deadliest smuggle case in U.S. History. 19 dieing in Victoria, Texas. Tonight, dozens recovering. Some suffering traumatic brain injuries from heatstroke and severe dehydration. Two more dying in the hospital. And Kenneth joins us from San Antonio, and prosecutors saying the man charged in this smuggling cased admits he was driving the truck, but says he didn't know there were 100 people in his trailer? Reporter: That's right, David. Even though the immigrants say they were banging on the walls for hours, the driver claims he was unaware of the human cargo, and was spriurprise when had he opened the doors in this parking lot. He is expected in court later this wook. Thank you. We are seeing the dead by

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"At least 10 are dead after people smuggled in a tractor-trailer were found in a parking lot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"48824749","title":"Human smuggling horror discovered in Texas death trap","url":"/WNT/video/human-smuggling-horror-discovered-texas-death-trap-48824749"}