Arthur's Aftermath Brings Colder, Severe Weather

Baltimore set a record low of 55 degrees, Midwest experiences large hail storms.
1:21 | 07/05/14

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Transcript for Arthur's Aftermath Brings Colder, Severe Weather
We turn now to Jason Nicholas of our Cleveland affiliate, WEWS. He's been tracking the storm. Nice to have you with us tonight. And Arthur looks like the worst of it is behind us. No doubt about it. In fact, Arthur is moving out, away from the U.S. Very quickly. In fact, as it moves out, colder waters will really weaken it. Behind Arthur, though, interesting. Cooler weather, drier weather. In fact, Baltimore set a record low this morning. 55 degrees. Severe weather out to the west. Still this evening from bismarck to Duluth, across northern Minnesota. The chances there for large hail, strong winds, even a brief tornado. Tomorrow, the issue is for the bigger cities south and east. Green Bay, Milwaukee, Chicago. The chances there, hail, winds. And also the potential, because of saturated grounds, for flash flooding. Meantime, the problem out west is not enough rain. Firefighters in California are having trouble keeping on top of at least eight wildfires, including this fire just outside San Francisco that destroyed eight homes and damaged three others. Jason, when are firefighters going to catch a break? Yeah, unfortunately, no real relief in sight. Take a look here. The heat expands, especially out into California. Going to stay dry and breezy. Now, there will be some rain across the four corners. We do have fires in those states. But sometimes with the monsoon rains, we just get the lightning, and that could actually lead to more wildfires without the rain. Jason Nicholas of our

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{"id":24440441,"title":"Arthur's Aftermath Brings Colder, Severe Weather","duration":"1:21","description":"Baltimore set a record low of 55 degrees, Midwest experiences large hail storms.","url":"/WNT/video/hurricane-arthur-severe-weather-brings-colder-weather-hail-24440441","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}