Hurricane Florence approaching brings flood fears

The dangerous Category 3 storm, is barreling toward the Southeast U.S., and it's expected to bring massive amounts of rain and catastrophic flooding.
3:54 | 09/12/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Florence approaching brings flood fears
tot.m, thank yothere is also realon tonit a nar power ant and several reactors here inheregion. And in the hf charles, using loudspkers ton peopl to get out with this new tr ABC's Steve osunsami is there for us. R:ic Isreal. Authorities tonight say they'll need toatch T nuclear power states, ied they could floor This hricane iringin some rain and that have T seen before. Reporter: Fbragg, they're filling sandbags a Mo helicopters out of the R's way. Leave as soon as possie. Rter: Fireruh loudsprs are roll through neighborhoods near charlesto that they worry could B fod for . We H O and over again today. Familiesike the Lees had decided to S are sdeleing town. As of this morhen it red, we tughtod with two young to mak the trip out. Orter: Benndis wife Nina are now leaving, to he's former local meologist, sn here worng hurricane Dennis. Player inhis storms going to be the rainfall. R during T lastwo rricanes they stayed WER get up T these steps.t, they're lngor Jacksonville, wor watergets in T E. I'm 6'3" I'mhere, I'mloht in our fst floor. Even in the highestointn theeighborhood this time, there's a possib, all those cars would flood. Ruky says 3 million customers could be out of power F weeks. The calry of power line workers is already O And Steve 0ub sammys LIV tonight from Charleston. And E, can tellyou, the winds are up H North Carolina tonight, and W see behiou there some promising sig taking Thi Ver seriously where you are, as well. Reporter: Tdavid. Thhe histic district, all boarded up and sandbagged already. Beuse charleslow, flat and towds the Ean, it only takes a couple O inches O rain in a nt of to floodhese store authorities are warning that when the floaters Rea S inches high, that's enough knocaver and a foot weep you away. Davi osunsami with us tonight. Steve,nk you. I travel here to north carolinahef or ginger zee, she's here iwilmington, north Carolina, and Ging, we were talking all afternoon, it's not necessarilust the landfall with this hurricane becau we talking about the sheer number ofours theurricane iing T thrashing the coaing water inla Reporter: Right, and we're about storm winds, david,t are nearly 200 miles outside the nter,t'hy we' going hemtomorrow. Les gond get straight to the maps. That stm, more than 350 miles ill sou and St, but it is cooking to thethwest at 16. Enter the gul store whichs warm water. It can feed off that tor morning before it starts tolow. Wee talking like a buzz saw coming through that's they usually would make alafall, raer rushing aga coastline. Let's talk about what it's going likear as wind gusts go. You' at tomorrow ring and it's still 37 ho hatteras. That'sdoable. Deteriorates quy. Thenit'soing T be with us for 24 cape lookout, 70 Alm there. L beach close to 70 latesday nigh and tn ytarts getting to it. Hurricane F winds in soheastern north Caro, 62 miles per hour by fri often. At that point, like a waing Maine. Not just you've gothattorm surg that big bubble of water P against the land. 9 tt there. 2 to 4 feet thatludes Charleston and then, of course, the rain. 30 to 4 inches till fill up som ofse big rivers, Flo for days a by Sunday, even, the capear close to record level. David?ght, gihank you. 'Re feelin the fir effects

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"The dangerous Category 3 storm, is barreling toward the Southeast U.S., and it's expected to bring massive amounts of rain and catastrophic flooding.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57783265","title":"Hurricane Florence approaching brings flood fears","url":"/WNT/video/hurricane-florence-approaching-brings-flood-fears-57783265"}