Hurricane Irma grows to Category 4

National Hurricane Center says there may be an "increasing chance" that Florida and the Florida Keys will see "some impacts from the hurricane," and Puerto Rico is in a state of emergency.
2:12 | 09/05/17

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Transcript for Hurricane Irma grows to Category 4
In addition to Florida's governor declaring a state of emergency was already in place in Puerto Rico amid the question will response teams already spread thin. Be ready for yet another monster storm ABC's Lindsay Janice is in the region to. Tonight shelves across Florida and US if you wait until the last minute. There's nothing to be found and it's like total chaos after Harvey even hurricane veterans are preparing for the worst. Our hearts are in Houston right now but realities here he blessed. Florida governor Rick Scott declaring a state of emergency. And urging residents to get their disaster plan ready. A state of emergency already Dick cleared in Puerto Rico plywood and batteries flying off shelves before the storm hits here Wednesday. The National Guard has been activated schools have been closed and workers across this island have been ordered to cut their day sore tomorrow so they can get ready. American Airlines adding flights to get tourists out of Armas past and cruise ships re routing to dodge the storm. Tonight FEMA at the ready 400 people on standby. Giant containers stuffed with supplies delivered to the US Virgin Islands where arm of could hit as early as tomorrow night's sixty people including twenty children already evacuated by the National Guard. And now the 100000 people who live there stuck if you're hearing your ear as Greg and Ashley bounce seanez and their two stunts are from Kansas but now live in saint Croix. Mary where. Happenings there it gets wrecked our. And use EB Herrick or flying debris everything your house completely soaked they're only choice. Batten down the hatches stock up on supply and. Hope for the best. Enmity Janice joins us now from Puerto Rico tonight where there is already a state of emergency and Lindsey another is real concern now. That relief and rescue workers have already been stretched thin with Harvey. And they now must be mobilized for Irma. David tonight the Red Cross says it is no longer sending any volunteers to Texas from states that could be an arm is half. As for FEMA it says it is already in position. They simply be Janice from Puerto Rico tonight.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"National Hurricane Center says there may be an \"increasing chance\" that Florida and the Florida Keys will see \"some impacts from the hurricane,\" and Puerto Rico is in a state of emergency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"49617197","title":"Hurricane Irma grows to Category 4","url":"/WNT/video/hurricane-irma-grows-category-49617197"}