Ice Bowl 2014

Frozen fans huddle in bone-chilling temperatures to cheer on Green Bay Packers.
3:00 | 01/06/14

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Transcript for Ice Bowl 2014
bay, wisconsin, the temperature hovering right around zero. But 80,000 football fans are packed into lambeau field, outdoors for the packers taking ON THE 49ers. They are bundled up in more than just their fan gear tonight. Matt smith from your station in green bay, is right there with the fans tonight. Matt? Reporter: David, it's hard to believe, but it is a soldout game here tonight at lambeau field in green bay. Fans have been coming here to the stadium's atrium to warm up. When they leave the game tonight, it will feel like negative 25 and continue dropping. Still, 80,000 loyal fans are here tonight, during one of the coldest games in nfl history. I mean, look at this! This is insane. And you -- we're apart of history, especially with the cold coming in. I have four layers of long johns, two sets of snow pants, four shirts, a sweatshirt and a coat. You walk around, there's so many people having fun, it's -- can't be seen anywhere else, i don't think. Reporter: Because of these dangerous temperatures, fans are being warned tonight to not drink a lot of alcohol and we've also learned tonight security has an extra job -- making sure everyone stays bundled up and safe. David? All right, matt smith tonight, thank you. Nothing keeping the fans away. I want to bring in meteorologist brad mitz from wsb in atlanta. You are telling us the real cold, the real cold hits us when we walk out the door tomorrow morning. be the coldest of this air pass. Windchill readings, 50 below zero or colder, where you see purple on the map. That means frostbite sets in in five minutes or less. The extreme cold extends all the way down to kansas city, st. Louis and indianapolis. Windchill warnings and advisories cover a huge part of the country. Tonight, tomorrow and into tuesday. That cold air reaches all the way down to the northern gulf coast. And windchill temperatures by tuesday morning, 12 below in atlanta, 26 degrees is cold for florida in orlando. And that cold air continues to push towards the east. So, it will feel like 40 below in pittsburgh, 20 below in philadelphia and in new york city, it feels like 16 below tuesday morning. But tomorrow morning when you wake up in parts of this country, you said 57 below. We can't underscore the danger of frostbite. Very dangerous. Frostbite sets in in just a few minutes. All right, brad, thanks to you and wsb tonight. We will have much more on this frozen nation, those early morning windchills, first thing in the morning, robin and george are back this week, for "good morning america."

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Frozen fans huddle in bone-chilling temperatures to cheer on Green Bay Packers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"21429058","title":"Ice Bowl 2014","url":"/WNT/video/ice-bowl-2014-21429058"}