'I'm not going anywhere': Kavanaugh defends himself

Brett Kavanaugh, the president's embattled Supreme Court nominee, spoke out Monday in an emotional interview with Fox News.
4:12 | 09/25/18

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Transcript for 'I'm not going anywhere': Kavanaugh defends himself
Linsevis tonit, the oth major story, the that pub hearing. Judgett Kavanah fightin to his nomination, dyi cusations of sexual abuse.night, you hear fr wife and she now comes tois defense. And tonight, how kaugh's college roommate now him, and T drng.sident trump stands by katonight, takinim now at Kavanaugh's S acser. S Y Moran covering the cofor years, back on this again tonight. Orter: Withie court nominee battling multiple allegationof sexual misconct, prest trump lashed outoday, say is L just dir politics. Ihirrible what the Democrats have done. 'Se saying, they're con -- they're really con artists. Reporr: And he winter E woman peonally, deboramirez, who'd "The new Yorker" Kavanaugh exposed himsf nt of her face at a dorm party in college. Well, look the second accuser, the second accuser has nothing. The secoccuser doesn't even kn -- she thksbe it coulve been him, maybe not. She admits that she was drunk. She admits time lap there time lapses. Reporter: Ram has acleas drunk a that 1983 party E has gaps in her memory, but now S she'certain was kavangh who did it. Christine asey Ford, who says Kavanaugh sexually sain high scho together seem paint a pictu had frequt bouts of drunkenness, and could when drunk sexually abuse women. In his F niew, an emnal Kavanah said that couldn't be further from the When I was in high school, and I went to an aoys catholic high school, suit high sl, where I focused on academics and athletics and going to churcevery Sunday at lower and rkg on is M servirojects ansh. R:ugh's wif as vouched for his character. He decent,'s kind, he's good.I know hisrt.this is N consistt with Brett. Eporter: Aavanaughven announced in those and coege yes, he was ill a VI I never slly assauld anyone. I did N he sexual intersinoseintercourse in high school or for many yea Thea THR all these years THA are in question, you were a virgin? That's correct. Reporter:ow kn back th are dispu his aims. A assmate om Yale, Stephen katrowitz, taking to twitte "Perhaps naugh was a virgin many years aftigh school he claimedtherwise ia ersation wit Dou fresan year inawrence hall at Yale, in thving room suite." And Kavanaugh's man roomma at Yale, mes Roche, tells abafo that, "Based on time with B, I lieve Thate and his social circle were capable of the acons that did. He described Kavanaugh as a heavy drink" who beca "Belligerent" and "Incoherently drunk." And Kavanaugh's high school book page filled wi typically en inside jokes th suggesa less strgh N 'S claimed, including, "Keg city club, ea 100 kegs or bust beach ek ralphlub. N high sl, I think ofsbahings we look back on in high school and grge a bit. So, let's get Terry Moran, live back at the supreme court GHT. And teou just learned that the nominee, J Brett kavanaug spoke with members of second accuser? Orter: THAs right, Davi it was a telephone interview, blican andemocratic staffers from the committee on the line with judge kaugh, who W answeng quesoath, under penaltfhould say, about S allegation, and laying the for the possibili questioning on thisubject on Thay. A Terry, stay with us here, because werell sk this morning when we were watching ma" Ander H Sarah Sanders tell ABC that the present would be open to having the second Deborah Ramirez, appearefore senate judiciary committee, as so, I she slated to testify now? Orter: Not T. Althou white house is saying, let her speak on Thursday Beuse theyre very on getting this behind them, and became nk they've got Republican votes, getti Kavanaugh on the couy next week. David? Ter Moran with again tonight. Terry, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"Brett Kavanaugh, the president's embattled Supreme Court nominee, spoke out Monday in an emotional interview with Fox News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"58080231","title":"'I'm not going anywhere': Kavanaugh defends himself","url":"/WNT/video/im-kavanaugh-defends-58080231"}