Important Tips to Save on Heating Costs

Easy ways to cut the cost of energy, stay warm and keep money in your wallet.
2:45 | 11/14/13

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Transcript for Important Tips to Save on Heating Costs
♪ ♪ next tonight our "real money" team is back to help you save money while keeping your family warm. From maine to texas there are freezing temperatures. Families will spend more than $2,000 to heat their homes. Abc's paula faris set out to show easy ways to keep the money in yes, sir wallet. Reporter: It's lunchtime at the anderson house. And while young kevin and nate's trains may be losing steam, dad, chris, worries the rest of their home in windy boston, massachusetts may be doing the same. Spending a whopping $500 a month just on heat. How much are your heating and gas bills draining you guys? It's significant, a vacations we're taking. Or money that's not going to the college fund. Reporter: But where you might see a warm, inviting home. I brought my trusty thermal imaging camera for ya. Reporter: Energy expert is using that ghostbusters looking device, to see money flying right out the doors, and windows. We're looking at their front door. Reporter: See those dark spots? That's cold air sneaking in through their front door. You had no idea? Tip number one, weather strip your doors. This is a simple fix. Will take us just a couple minutes and he'll be warmer all winter. Reporter: In the living room, we discover more cold air coming in through the windows. But another hidden heat culprit, check out the floors too. I can feel a draft. Reporter: Tip number two, seal your base boards and caulk the windows. Like that? Perfect. Perfect. So far we slashed $240 off their heating bill but we're not done. Down stairs, ben shows us more of the anderson's money is spilling out of these pipes. We're going to make sure that we're not losing heat before it gets into the house. Reporter: Tip number three, wrap the water heat and ducts and insulate the pipes. Perfect. Reporter: Finally -- you're spending nearly a dollar an hour every time your furnace is running. Reporter: Tip number four, there is big money to be had just by replacing that old thermostat with a smart one like nest. It only runs when it needs to and will give them $337 back in one year. They plugged an extra $733 in heating budget this winter. You can rent a thermal imaging camera at most hardware stores for as little as $45 per day. We found this at home depot. All these tips can be found on our website and facebook. I'll leave this for you, diane. Just what I've always wanted. Tomorrow night something everyone has at home. Night. Thank you, paula.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Easy ways to cut the cost of energy, stay warm and keep money in your wallet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"20882961","title":"Important Tips to Save on Heating Costs ","url":"/WNT/video/important-tips-save-heating-costs-20882961"}