Incredible Shrinking Airline Seats

One airline manufacturer is calling for airlines to stop making seats so small.
1:56 | 10/28/13

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Transcript for Incredible Shrinking Airline Seats
Moving on here tonight, your next airplane flight may be a tight squeeze. We're not talking about your carry on bag but your seat. Cecilia vega with a sleep test that can change it all. Reporter: As I recalls trying to squeeze every nickel out of passengers customers have become a casualty. On planes that used to have nine seats in a row, some are squeezing in a tenth. One of the world's largest plane makers says enough is enough, airplane seats should be no smaller than 18 inches. Airbus commissioned a test on passengers simulating a test on passengers and found that even one inch makes a huge difference. Overall the quality of sleep for travelers in an 18-inch seat was more than 50 percent better. 18 inch versus 17 can mean that a passenger will fall asleep six minutes faster and have fewer disturbances during their flight. This youtube video posted by a traveller who become another passenger's pillow touched a nerve we could all relate to and went viral. You think you need more room but you're not getting it. . The trend is to get as many bodies on that plane as you possibly can. Reporter: It's not just that airline seats are shrinking. Travelers are getting bigger. Compare to other places you park yourself, movie theatre seats, 8 inches wider, train seats more than 3 inches. You can seen get more space in crammed baseball stadium seats. The good news, airlines will be using slightly bigger planes with more seats this thanksgiving but here is the bad news. Tickets this holiday season will cost even more. The good with the bad tonight. When we come back here, they

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{"id":20709124,"title":"Incredible Shrinking Airline Seats","duration":"1:56","description":"One airline manufacturer is calling for airlines to stop making seats so small.","url":"/WNT/video/incredible-shrinking-airline-seats-20709124","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}