Index: Child Hospitalized With the Plague

The stories people have been buzzing about.
0:56 | 08/07/15

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Transcript for Index: Child Hospitalized With the Plague
To the "Index." The headline from yosemite national park. A child is now hospitalized, being treated for the plague after contracting the disease while camping with her family in yosemite two weeks ago. Another racing star, formula 1 driver Jenson button and his wife, robbed during a vacation on the French Riviera this week. Officials believe thieves used anesthesia gas to knock them out. Making off with a $390,000 engagement ring. Jon Stewart signing off from "The Daily Show." Stephen Colbert addressing him. We owe you nothing, you said, but we learned from you. And one last moment of zen from Bruce Springsteen. Not bad. And a moment ten years ago

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{"id":32958734,"title":"Index: Child Hospitalized With the Plague","duration":"0:56","description":"The stories people have been buzzing about.","url":"/WNT/video/index-child-hospitalized-plague-32958734","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}