Inside the Clinton Foundation's Luxury Event in Morocco

High-dollar event put on with help of controversial mining firm.
2:15 | 05/06/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside the Clinton Foundation's Luxury Event in Morocco
Hillary Clinton's run for president and growing questions about foreign donations to her husband's foundation. Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea traveling overseas for the foundation holding an event just tonight and our team right there in Morocco at the Clinton foundation summit. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross tonight asking where's the money coming from. And whose pain. On the outskirts of America maroth. A five star luxury golf resort. The Clinton foundation and its privileged guest gathering over welcome cocktails and Kenneth things to help the world's under grip. It is opening remarks today. Former president Bill Clinton's brushed off criticisms about the millions of dollars in foreign money and the foundation received while his wife was secretary of state. I just work here I don't know. Now that Hillary Clinton is on the presidential campaign trail far from the luxury of merit cash. The foundation says it has put limits on future foreign donation there's one set of rules for politics and American and others that for real life. The new rules include no more money from Morocco. But the foundation of death is being hosted. A controversial government owned Morocco mining company the OCP group which gave a million dollars. Human rights groups say the company's phosphate mines in nearby Western Sahara promoted in corporate didn't violate UN provisions to protect the people who live there. Any time human rights of the population are systematically suppressed and step away it's a serious concern. The company denies the allegations but it is spending lots of money to gain influence in Washington. According to Michael physical off of our partner Yahoo! News it spent over one point three million dollars since 2012. To lobby its case before the State Department and others federal agencies. Tonight another lavish event for the Clinton foundation supporters held in great secrecy. Would no reporters allowed inside and and Brian's what is here tonight we've seen Chelsea Clinton out with her father. And she's defending the foundation tonight. That's what she's not taken an active role in the foundation telling supporters the foundation continues to do good work. Despite all the criticisms and continuing questions about its finances in. Prime Boston prime thanks.

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{"id":30860204,"title":"Inside the Clinton Foundation's Luxury Event in Morocco","duration":"2:15","description":"High-dollar event put on with help of controversial mining firm.","url":"/WNT/video/inside-clinton-foundations-luxury-event-morocco-30860204","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}