Inspector General Puts Immigration Program Under the Microscope

EB-5 program, along with alleged security flaws, was focus of ABC News investigation.
2:36 | 02/12/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inspector General Puts Immigration Program Under the Microscope
evening, and to an ABC news investigation now. Buying your way into America. The $500,000 green card offered by the government. Are suspected criminals, spies, possible terrorists paying to live here in the U.S.? ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross tracking down the government official in charge of this program. Brian? Reporter: Well, David oushgs invest game focuses on a little known Visa program that federal agents fear is being abused by possibly dangerous people to get into this country. As advertised around the world, from Russia to Iran to China, foreign citizens can now essentially buy Visas or green cards to come and live in America through the U.S. Immigration program called the eb-5. Yes, you can. Reporter: All it takes is $500,000 invested in a U.S. Project that creates jobs. Like this big casino in las Vegas. We believe the program is nothing more than selling of green cards. Reporter: And among those buying, according to these government documents obtained by ABC news, are people suspected of childnographypornography, even suspected spies. If this program is being used to undercut our national security, it's something that's got to be exposed. Reporter: U.s. Authorities tell a B kr NBC news if the program is used by Iran's elite revolutionary guard. Authorities are now investigating this California shipping company, American logistics international, and its iranian-born owner, Ali mahdavi. Even as he is under a national security investigation for smuk Ming to Iran, he's used the eb-5 program to bring in dozens of people. As he arrived back from the middle east last week, he tried to duck our cameras. Both American logistics and myself have not done anything wrong. Reporter: But mahdavi's company is just one of 32 businesses approved for the eb-5 green card program that have come under criminal investigation, raising questions about lax oversight of the program in Washington. Mr. Secretary, Brian Ross, ABC news. Reporter: Now deputy homeland security secretary Alejandro mayorkas is under investigation, something he did not walk to talk with ABC news about. You cannot answer these questions? Only after that encounter did we start to get answers, including word that the company in los Angeles under investigation has been stopped from arranging for people to get into the country. And the inspector general's report, David, is due out soon. .

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{"id":28936049,"title":"Inspector General Puts Immigration Program Under the Microscope","duration":"2:36","description":"EB-5 program, along with alleged security flaws, was focus of ABC News investigation.","url":"/WNT/video/inspector-general-puts-immigration-program-microscope-28936049","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}