Instant Index: End of the World Is Canceled This Year

Diane Sawyer reports popular news stories that have people talking.
1:51 | 12/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Instant Index: End of the World Is Canceled This Year
Our "instant index" tonight begins with a big headline. The end of the world has been canceled this year. Here is the actual quote from nasa. The world will not end on DECEMBER 21st, 2012 OR ANY DAY In 2012. It all started within an ancient mayan calendar yi sparked rumors of armageddon then, a collision with a comet or another planet. Nasa was inundated with so many questions about where to take cover, they want you to know they have scanned the skies and they say not happening, no way. And another new take on an old story. We all remember the video of pinocchio. Monsters? Weren't you afraid? No, ma'am, but they tied me in a big sack. As you know, it was his nose that gave him away with every fib. But tonight new research out of the university of granada, spain, shows walt disney was a science pioneer. Look at this. Scientists decided to take thermal pictures of someone telling a lie and you can see it right there, the picture is showing the area around athe nose is bright red. It turns out our noses heat up when we stretch the truth. Somehow connecting the part of the brain that links heat to emotion. And we have another fresh look at an old idea. Our picture tonight, the iconic hollywood sign after its face-lift ready for its close-up. Nine letters, each 45 feet tall given a fresh coat of paint, 275 gallons if you're counting and the makeover now prepares the sign for its 90th birthday next year. And we really do love hearing what captured your imagination every day. Tweet me your thoughts for "instant index" @dianesawyer. We'll be reading them.

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{"id":17879892,"title":"Instant Index: End of the World Is Canceled This Year","duration":"1:51","description":"Diane Sawyer reports popular news stories that have people talking.","url":"/WNT/video/instant-index-end-world-canceled-year-17879892","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}