Instant Index: Pitcher Mariano Rivera 'Closes' After 18 Seasons

David Muir reveals the top stories that have people buzzing this week.
1:29 | 03/09/13

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Transcript for Instant Index: Pitcher Mariano Rivera 'Closes' After 18 Seasons
saturday night. Starting with the man considered by many to be baseball's greatest closer of all time. Mariano rivera calling it quits. The # 43-year-old rivera, 18 seasons with the new york yankees. The most saves in the history of baseball, 608 as he starts the season. Always humble. This is how he answered when a reporter asked him if he's the greatest of all time. I would like to be remembered as the player who was always there for others, trying to make others better. Didn't think about himself at all. Rivera said that in retirement he wants to spend more time with his family and working at his church and his number 42 will forever be retired with him from major league baseball. From baseball fans to a fan of different sort tonight, wondering what's going on with justin bieber. The teenage superstar having a rough week touring overseas. Fainting backstage. Hospitalized. Another scuffle with the paparazzi caught on video. Tonight, the 19-year-old singer now heading to portugal. But we have learned that one of the concerts there already canceled. clocks ahead by one hour. This evening a health alert, as we do it, doctors said make a concerted effort to get the same amount of sleep. Reer researchers found that an actual increase of heart attacks in the first week of daylight saving time. And a correspondent week after we gain some sleep back. If something catches your eye for the index, you can always tweet me at david muir on

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{"id":18694473,"title":"Instant Index: Pitcher Mariano Rivera 'Closes' After 18 Seasons","duration":"1:29","description":"David Muir reveals the top stories that have people buzzing this week.","url":"/WNT/video/instant-index-pitcher-mariano-rivera-closes-18-seasons-18694473","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}