Internet Grinch: Christmas Scams Promise Puppies for Children

Email scammers come out for holiday season in hopes of cashing in on Christmas wishes.
2:26 | 12/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Internet Grinch: Christmas Scams Promise Puppies for Children
And now, "20/20" anchor chris cuomo goes into action, investigating some people who can ruin a family christmas. It is a new scam, with a new target, children who want puppies. And, chris found out there are con artists stealing a lot of money. Reporter: Cole turner is a texas firefighter who was looking for a puppy for his 7-year-old little boy, ty, after their beloved dog was killed by a coyote. Cole decided to go big this time. A grate dane. So, maybe it wouldn't be such an appetizing thing to a coyote. Reporter: Turner found and online breeder, wired $600. But on the agreed-to day for delivery, no dog. And one brokenhearted boy. I really would like to find out who did this, who took my money. Who made my son cry. Reporter: Turns out that online breeder was just a front. The turners had fallen prey to a huge international puppy-receiving scam. Based innigeria, by men like these, shot by abc news. So, we went hunting for these brokers and found one offering french bulldog puppies. I'd like the dog as soon as possible, because I have -- the holidays are coming up. Reporter: The breeder gave us a contact for payment and delivery. Gertrude marshall, who we tracked down. Marshall had no clue she was named as a puppy per say your. Chef was a victim of a scam within a scam. She had met someone online from nigeria named jimmy, fallen for him and believed she was cash, and sending wire transfers for what he said was an electronics company. I was gullible. I was stupid. Reporter: So, we asked gertrude for her account information so I could get jimmy to show himself. Up call him baby? Honey. Reporter: So, open the camera, honey. Finally, jimmy shows his face and he is also in for a big surprise. Jimmy, why you look so surprised? You're running a scam, right jimmy? And you got caught. Jimmy bails on us. And gertrude is now free from her scammer. And this christmas, ty turner has his coyote-proof pal, lou. A holiday happy ending. Nice. Big pal. Reporter: It is. Coyote-proof. Wanted a bigger dog. That was a really big gesture. In these scams, these middlemen are victims but they're the only ones that can be prosecuted because they are on american soil. For the family to say forgiveness, forgive, it's a big

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{"id":17908835,"title":"Internet Grinch: Christmas Scams Promise Puppies for Children","duration":"2:26","description":"Email scammers come out for holiday season in hopes of cashing in on Christmas wishes.","url":"/WNT/video/internet-grinch-christmas-scams-promise-puppies-children-17908835","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}