Investigation: Checkered Past for Firm Paid to Help OPM Hack

Three years ago, company employees involved in drinking, drugs scandal in Afghanistan.
2:09 | 08/01/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Investigation: Checkered Past for Firm Paid to Help OPM Hack
Next, to an ABC news investigation into the government's handling of a massive computer breach. Chinese hackers compromising 22 million federal employees' records. Now, there are serious questions about the company brought in to help fix it all. Here's Brian Ross. Reporter: These staggeringly drunk men worked for a U.S. Security company that had a $47 million contract from the Pentagon to protect American citizens in Afghanistan. Please snap out of it. Reporter: But this outrageous behavior, U.S. Officials tell ABC news, did not stop the government from awarding the company a new, even more sensitive contract. The job of fixing cybersecurity at the office of personnel management, opm. After Chinese hackers stole the files of more than 22 million federal employees. This is a company that has a bad record, that has engaged in gross improprieties in the workplace. Is this really the kind of corporate entity we want to turn to in a moment of crisis? Reporter: Apparently, the answer is yes. The company, once called Jorge scientific, located in this office building in Virginia, changed its name to imperatis after our ABC news report and now continues to get huge government contracts. Its new president, former marine major general Mastin Robeson, one of several former generals and admirals on the board, refused to see us. And we were turned away when we showed up at the office. Is there anybody here who can talk to us? At this time, no. You can change your name. You can change some personnel. But conduct is what matters here. Reporter: The company says it agrees the behavior caught on tape was inappropriate and the employees have been fired, and says it has confidence in its cybersecurity team now in place. As for the government, no one has yet explained how a company with this past track record should be rewarded with a new set of contracts. Brian Ross, ABC news, New York.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"Three years ago, company employees involved in drinking, drugs scandal in Afghanistan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"32817923","title":"Investigation: Checkered Past for Firm Paid to Help OPM Hack","url":"/WNT/video/investigation-checkered-past-firm-paid-opm-hack-32817923"}