Investigation: Sky-Rage Over Air Ambulance Bills

Some emergency transports can cost patients tens of thousands.
2:08 | 03/17/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Investigation: Sky-Rage Over Air Ambulance Bills
We're when you turn next tonight to an ABC news investigation. 400000. Americans were rushed to the hospital by helicopter last year alone. Many of them like saving flights not fully covered by insurance costing patients tens of thousands of dollars. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross tonight with some families and what they say they were knocked holes. A growing fleet of helicopter ambulances. Is credited with saving thousands of lives. They're just angels in the sky truly but an ABC news investigation has found that some of the very people saved ended up facing financial ruin. The bill from one company to transport the daughter of Brenda and Warren Larson of Kentucky was 47000. Dollars for a 79 mile flight. As insurance only covered about a third of that has never occur both financially. Jean Medina got a 35000. Dollar bill from the same company after her teenage daughter Sophia was airlifted 37 miles takes advantage of people at a very. Vulnerable moment. The bills come from Air Methods operating in 48 states posting a profit last year of more than 100 billion dollars. Company officials acknowledge Air Methods charges far more than the actual cost of the flight because they say they have to make up for under payments the four and the elder. Look if everybody paid their fair share you know the charge for the service would be. 121000 dollars. But many insurance companies refuse to pay what they regard as the excessive cost. Leaving the patients and their families on the hook doesn't know ordered this is standard form. Soon give us permission. Transport around her but the standard Air Methods form which made him personally and fully responsible. Did not disclose the sky high cost why don't you put the price here. I can I can get back with young you know the answer no I don't. Air Methods says it will lower the bill for those who can improve financial hardship but our investigation conducted with ABC stations across the country. Phone Air Methods has sued or sent debt collectors against hundreds of people it once saved him and your team we'll stay on the fine thank you.

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{"id":37706254,"title":"Investigation: Sky-Rage Over Air Ambulance Bills","duration":"2:08","description":"Some emergency transports can cost patients tens of thousands.","url":"/WNT/video/investigation-sky-rage-air-ambulance-bills-37706254","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}