Investigators Arrest a Suspect in the New York City Blast Over the Weekend

The search continues for possible accomplices and contacts overseas.
3:33 | 09/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Investigators Arrest a Suspect in the New York City Blast Over the Weekend
We begin tonight with that dramatic takedown after terror swept through parts of New York City and New Jersey when bombs were left in several locations in a forties tonight. Say they have their man. This evening we have exclusive video from our station WABC. Here in New York showing the man on the right they're trying to get away you can see he's holding a gun. Chased by police shot several times in the gun battle and our team was there as he was whole law Ahmed Gurney. Injured but conscious and tonight as we come on the year we've loaded forties are now at his home. We have learned that several more devices have been discovered inside and ABC's Lindsey Davis leads us off. Tonight the dramatic take down. There's a guy shoot a gun shots fired shots fire. A bystander captures the moment gunfire erupts as police confront the suspect. Containment units when Johnson. Surveillance video captures the suspect attempting to flee. A gun in his hand it all unfolds just three hours after police released this image of the suspect 28 year old a mod Contra Hani. Sent this text alert to everyone living in New York. When mid morning the owner of a bar and Linden New Jersey arrives at work and sees a man sleeping in his hallway. He called police the responding officer approaches the sleeping men and recognizes the suspect from his beard. Within a matter of seconds do you suspect fired on him and fortunately for us he had his best dormant and then he was hit his best considered that it. With a statement officers raced to the scene as the shoot out intensify its. He wasn't sending back a shooting at them that he was just. Send a mutual to. Wallace also believe god nor are there a way. Another officer is injured in the fire fight. And then this image the suspect on the ground injured but alive surrounded by law enforcement. And as the bombs aspect right there look good on. And. Still conscious Humi is placed on a stretcher. His arm bloody and his right shoulder bandage as he's taken by ambulance to the hospital. Take down 48 hours after the first device exploded. Jeanne I don't know roaring you know matters or war. First a pipe bomb goes off along the route of a run to benefit the Marines. Then this powerful explosion strikes a busy New York City neighborhood. In this video you couldn't hear the glance. I three hours later heard a pressure cookers found just four blocks north there's wasn't intentional act. Then next night two men find a backpack near the train station and Elizabeth containing five pipe bombs. As police attempt to disarm them one of the robot cuts a line causing this explosion. At the last less than three miles from where authorities finally caught up with demand. They say is connected to it all. And Lindsey Davis joins us live tonight at Lindsay you reported there the officer hit by a bullet wearing his best but. Still injured one of two officers injured how are they doing tonight. Yet David fortunately he was wearing a bulletproof vests the other officer was grazed by a bullet both of them. Are expected to be OK as for the 29 people were injured in the Chelsea blessed as of tonight David. They are all out of the hospital. That is great news as well Lindsey Davis live in New Jersey Lindsay thank you.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"The search continues for possible accomplices and contacts overseas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"42209130","title":"Investigators Arrest a Suspect in the New York City Blast Over the Weekend","url":"/WNT/video/investigators-arrest-suspect-york-city-blast-weekend-42209130"}