Iran's New President Promises End to Isolation

Major changes could be ahead for US-Iranian relationship under Rowhani rule.
2:02 | 06/15/13

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Transcript for Iran's New President Promises End to Isolation
Breaking headline from iran this evening. That country has a new president. A cleric who just a week ago was considered a long shot, has tonight been elected iran's next president. What does it mean for the u.S. In iran? A rally today for the president-elect hasan rowhani. A 64-year-old moderate cleric who campaigned as a centrist. The key issue for iranians the economy. An economic noose as iran has refused to reveal more of its nuclear program. On the streets of iran just this year, we heard from frustrated iranians, their money, their currency, losing 80% of its value in one year. This young woman and her mother. The iranian people. So many families telling me they can feel those sanctions. I want to bring in jonathan karl tonight, the obama administration responding to these election results. These election results certainly welcome news at the white house. In that statement the administration congratulated the iranian people and noted although this election took place against the backdrop of intimidation, the iranian people overcame those obstacles and showed they wanted to take control of their future. This new president is an ahmadinejad rival. So, is there any hope that there will be a more conciliatory approach to the relationship between the u.S. And iran? It's important to point out, all of the candidates in this election, including mr. Rowhani ran on platforms in favor of that nuclear program, and no matter how moderate the iranian president is, the real power lies with the unelected clerics. The most important in iran remains the anti-american pro-nuclear program. Jon in for george first thing

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{"id":19412106,"title":"Iran's New President Promises End to Isolation","duration":"2:02","description":"Major changes could be ahead for US-Iranian relationship under Rowhani rule.","url":"/WNT/video/irans-president-promises-end-isolation-19412106","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}