Isaias nearing Florida coast

Concerns grow as the state already is struggling to contain COVID-19.
3:11 | 08/01/20

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Transcript for Isaias nearing Florida coast
We begin with that tropical threat bearing down on the U.S. Tonight after churning through the caribbean as a cat-1 hurricane. Tonight, Isaias heading towards coronavirus-ravaged Florida. That state now reeling from two emergencies statement. Isaias battering the Bahamas with fierce winds today after slamming the Dominican Republic, killing two people there and triggering mudslides in Puerto Rico. A woman swept off a road Thursday. Her body was found today. Hurricane hunters monitoring from the air, flying right into the eye. That clearing, you see it there. At this hour the storm is tracking towards south Florida, and then it's expected to travel up the east coast, affecting the Carolinas, Virginia, and even the northeast. Rob Marciano tracking it all from Melbourne, Florida, Reporter: Tonight, Isaias tearing through the caribbean, killing at least three people and now taking aim at Florida's east coast. Hurricane hunters flying into the eye of the storm today as it blasts the Bahamas with strong winds, toppling trees. Hundreds of thousands without power. The heavy rains flooding roads and entire neighborhoods. Late today, officials in Puerto Rico finding the body of a woman whose car was swept away in floodwaters. Soldiers there able to save children, carrying this 3-month-old out through the muddy high water. The storm then killing two people in the Dominican Republic, including a 5-year-old boy. Now the outer bands lashing south Florida, one of the hardest hit states in the covid pandemic. And if you are ordered to evacuate, please take it seriously and go. Reporter: Palm beach county opening four shelters, but only as a last resort. In government buildings and shelters, they take your temperature and also ask you a series of questions. Most are standard, but here they also ask you where you are, what county you're at. Make sure you got your wits about you. The months long pandemic already taking a toll. Our staff have been working here for quite some time, so we're, quite frankly, exhausted. Reporter: North Carolina tonight declaring a state of emergency, ordering coastal evacuations, though most shelters there are closed because of covid-19. All right, rob Marciano joins us now from Melbourne, Florida. Rob, take us through the next several hours as Isaias gets closer to Florida. Reporter: Well, Tom, this has been a difficult storm to forecast and plan for from the beginning and it's no different right now. It slowed down a little bit. Take a look where it is right now. We saw a little bit of weakening through hurricane warnings because it's going to go over some very warm water, so the entire east coast of Florida is going to be under the gun. We'll take you there the track. Category-1 storm north of Miami. Then palm beach tomorrow, potentially making landfall early in the morning and then traversing Melbourne, where I stand, the space coast, and then peeling off potentially as a tropical storm at that point. Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Moorhead city. You're in it and making runs at cape may in New Jersey in the northeast as we go through Tuesday and Wednesday. A huge swath of real estate with rain, wind, and storm surge. It's not a strong major hurricane, but the track of this thing impacting the highly populated area. The entire east coast will feel the impacts. Tom? Tonight, Florida bracing for the impact. Rob, you and your team stay

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Concerns grow as the state already is struggling to contain COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"72124960","title":"Isaias nearing Florida coast","url":"/WNT/video/isaias-nearing-florida-coast-72124960"}