ISIS Claims to Have Inspired Minn. Mall Attack

Police say a knife wielding attacker stabbed nine people before being shot by an off duty officer.
1:36 | 09/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ISIS Claims to Have Inspired Minn. Mall Attack
Authorities in Minnesota are calling a mall stabbing spree there a potential act of terrorism. Shoppers running for cover after a man in a security guard uniform. Talk about all started attacking at nine people that were injured deer before police killed the suspect. Tonight ABC's in the pilgrim a what investigators are now learning about the attacker. Tonight the FBI confirming it is investigating the man he went on a stabbing Rampage in a Minnesota mall had ties to terrorism. We are currently. Investigating this as a potential. Act of terrorism. Today ices his claiming to have inspired the attack releasing a statement calling the man a soldier of the Islamic state who acted in response to calls to target citizens. Authorities say the attacker made references to all out during the five minutes of terror he brought to this small. There was at least one. Victim who was asked if they were Muslim police saying the knife wielding attacker wearing a security guards uniform stabbed nine people before being brought down by an off duty police officer. The police now scouring mall security video for you saw him lunge after police officer. The officer then. Fired around two. And then you see him get back up police say the attacker got up three times before the fatal shot the officer Jason falcon are being called a hero. Authorities are searching the attackers home trying to figure out exactly what motivated him to walk into this small. And her nine people com be the pilgrim for us tonight Eva thank you.

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{"duration":"1:36","description":"Police say a knife wielding attacker stabbed nine people before being shot by an off duty officer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"42182569","title":"ISIS Claims to Have Inspired Minn. Mall Attack","url":"/WNT/video/isis-claims-inspired-minn-mall-attack-42182569"}