Israel elects new prime minister

Benjamin Netanyahu was ousted after Naftali Bennett won a very close race.
1:51 | 06/13/21

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Transcript for Israel elects new prime minister
It could be the end of an era in Israel. The country's longest serving prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been ousted. The new prime minister leads a fragile coalition. And tonight, Netanyahu is vowing a coalition. Here's Julia Macfarlane. Reporter: Tonight, chaos in the knesset, as Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's longest serving prime minister, ousted from power after 12 years, and not going gracefully. Ahead of today's decisive vote, the man vying to take his place, ultra-right nationalist Naftali Bennett, speaking of the need for new leadership to, quote, stop the madness. Netanyahu's allies trying to drown him out. Many ejected from the chamber, calling Bennett, a former Netanyahu protege, a "Traitor." Outraged that Bennett's governing coalition will formally include, for the first time in Israel's history, members of an independent Arab party. Netanyahu, speaking for the last time as prime minister, listing his achievements and arguing that his replacement is too weak to keep Israel safe, even regarding its ally the U.S. And the Biden administration. Declaring, "The prime minister of Israel needs to be able to say no to the president of the United States on issues that threaten our existence." When it came, the vote could not have been closer. 60-59. But never one to go down without a fight, he made a vow. It's a vow the new prime minster willikely take seriously. He has a majority of just one seat. And net P yahu has won the power back before. Tonight, president Biden congratulated the new prime minister in a phone call.

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"Benjamin Netanyahu was ousted after Naftali Bennett won a very close race. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"78257886","title":"Israel elects new prime minister","url":"/WNT/video/israel-elects-prime-minister-78257886"}