Jay Z Pressured After Barney's is Accused of Singling Out Shoppers

Shoppers claim they were unfairly questioned because of the color of their skin at Barney's.
2:25 | 10/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jay Z Pressured After Barney's is Accused of Singling Out Shoppers
Thank you. Tonight, a new debate about race and america and what some people called shopping while black. A high end department store, customers singled out. And pressure on a superstar tonight, who is caught in the middle, here's abc's dan harris. Reporter: The man who famously rapped about having 99 problems, now has one more. Jay-z, husband to beyonce and father to blue ivy facing tough questions tonight about his deal with high end retailer barneys to design exclusive items that will go on sale next mo like this raincoat, which will run you 675 bucks, this double gold ring, and this leather backpack. The deal became controversial this week, after two young african-american shoppers came out to say they were racially profiled at barneys. Very embarrassing. Very. Reporter: Trayon christian, a 19-year-old college student says he bought a $350 ferragamo belt with his debit card. After he left, he says two undercover cops stopped and handcuffed him saying his card was fake. It wasn't. Then kayla phillips, 21-year-old nursing student whose brother is a cop came forward with a similar story. Saying she used tax rebate money to buy this 2300 dollar bag and was stopped by police. She had a message for jay-z. Don't have dealings with barneys. Reporter: She is not the only one pressuring jay-z to bow out. One tweeting will blue ivy be racially profiled. In cases like these, they are called by the store, and do not act independently. Barneys has now offered its deepest apologies, but this is not a new problem in stores across america. It even has a name, shopping while black, just today in fact, actor robert brown, who stars in the hbo show treme sued macy's saying he was unlawfully searched by undercover detectives. Macy's is investigating that case. As for barneys it hired an outside expert to review it's policies from top to bottom. Jay-z meanwhile is on tour in sweden, he was reportedly asked by journalists today there about the barneys controversy. And flatly refused to comment. One of the people in his entourage was quoted as saying, jay-z is not allowed to speak on this matter. Okay, dan. There will be more on this story. We can count on it.

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{"id":20687579,"title":"Jay Z Pressured After Barney's is Accused of Singling Out Shoppers","duration":"2:25","description":"Shoppers claim they were unfairly questioned because of the color of their skin at Barney's.","url":"/WNT/video/jay-pressured-barneys-department-store-accused-singling-shoppers-20687579","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}