Judge Says NSA Contractor Is Flight Risk

Harold Martin accused of stealing incredible amount of classified information.
1:54 | 10/21/16

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Transcript for Judge Says NSA Contractor Is Flight Risk
Next today federal prosecutors revealing this evening what they called the largest theft of classified government documents in history. A former National Security Agency contractor in court today accused of stealing top secret documents. Left at his car in the driveway in his home he shed. His alleged theft far more than Edwards noted ABC's Brian Ross tonight with the secrets he allegedly stole. Officials tonight say NSA contractor hell Martan irrevocably compromised the nation's security. Seen here in a photo posted by organizers of a computer security conference. Martin is accused of stealing over a twenty year period an astonishing. 500 million pages of the country's most sensitive top secret documents including the NSA's own a tax software. So let's say will be less able to get in. To the networks of Russia and terrorist groups like iasis. By comparison. And were snowed this theft involved only one and a half million documents. And his case was supposed to have fled to even tighter security measures at the NSA alarms should go off. Apparently they did the FBI says Martin hit some of the stolen secrets in a shed behind his home in Maryland. And others were lying openly in the back of the Chevrolet Caprice parked in the driveway. And even more dropped the FBI today alleged Martan has been communicating online with others in foreign languages including Russian. That's the most alarming thing Brian Ross what is tonight's of communicating and Russian and the government still concern that he could be a risk to spill some of these secret. It's that's right then and because of that the judge today denied Martin's request to be released on bail even though officials say they still don't know if any of the sequence he's accused of stealing. Ended up in foreign hands. His lawyer said Martin loves America and did not betray his country Brian Ross new team to stay on this Brian thing.

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{"id":42979199,"title":"Judge Says NSA Contractor Is Flight Risk","duration":"1:54","description":"Harold Martin accused of stealing incredible amount of classified information.","url":"/WNT/video/judge-nsa-contractor-flight-risk-42979199","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}