Kailash Satyarthi: 'Person the Week'

The Nobel Peace Prize winner was profiled on "World News Tonight" in 2004.
4:17 | 10/10/14

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Transcript for Kailash Satyarthi: 'Person the Week'
Finally this evening our person of the week there has been an historic event in India this week the ruling party was defeated in national elections. In large measure because the poor in India voted against the government they were not sharing in the country's new prosperity. Our person this week helps us to understand how desperate that other India can be. This is Thailand's stock seniority at work and better he rescues children. Trials not fighting here say live I don't know what -- like -- -- -- that -- -- I didn't call you in my heart. I could not live without that. Throughout India -- PRD's mission in life is to change the system. In which some children go to work before they are fourteen. The owners who -- -- place. -- DR he finds children locked in the dark room. The owner who told the children the police were coming to kill them that -- -- -- some of the kids labor and -- trees. Plus although they have all 55 -- -- -- a variety at a nearby field reveals one terrified child after another. -- need the kind of -- feeling. This is difficult to explain. And this -- come on the -- of the children and they realized that deftly. Her friend being here good. Invited to -- -- this week. We found -- Artie himself at a conference in Italy it. Working hard in the way he knows best to organize others in a global march against child labor. Anyone living in a globalized economy in the -- blue guys wouldn't. You cannot live in isolation all the problems and solutions that -- interconnected. And so this problem off to a neighborhood in and they put part of the way this is your problem. The rate of children working in India is higher than anywhere else in the world. A poor family may have only a dollar for a -- to live on. And working children are the children of parents who were once themselves. Working children. Many children are born in -- That never -- outside lawyers. The children labor in any number of ways they make rugs they work in stone quarries they picked rags in the streets some of them are in bondage. To pay off a family desk. I think with affection. Even live -- of us crying but his mother. So the mosque those. Beaten him up and then district his hadn't been -- and dogs. Child labor under fourteen is illegal in India. -- -- he's been fighting for 25 years he's rescued thousands of children and some of them he has kept free. And put them in schools trying to break the cycle -- and yeah it is a dangerous job. He is bad for business. My house has been that -- I was that led to my office has been taped that was a moment in my life and -- -- -- Sunday earning himself was born. To a middle class family. And he says this Indian tragedy revealed itself on his first day of school. By assumptions and I want to work and -- that's a -- like me in the schools. Who do have gone into a country that born and put him it is it is -- dissident. The Indian government knows it's a problem and has many child protection laws but -- real change requires political will. So -- The words -- to have one thing in mind that. If the children are expected in any part of the worked at the -- Deprived from their childhood in any part of the the what can knock him in peace. -- -- -- Human. And so we choose Kyle -- -- -- who does what he can to -- the children out of the dark and into school. Education does make a difference in the south Indian state of -- -- where there is almost a 100% literacy fewer children work more of them stay in the classroom.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"The Nobel Peace Prize winner was profiled on \"World News Tonight\" in 2004.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"26096993","title":"Kailash Satyarthi: 'Person the Week'","url":"/WNT/video/kailash-satyarthi-person-of-the-week-26096993"}