Keeping Your Family and Home Safe During Hurricane Season

Tips on how to protect yourself and your home from high winds that can send dangerous debris flying.
2:20 | 06/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Keeping Your Family and Home Safe During Hurricane Season
Hurricane season down here and severe weather hitting again tonight -- test this evening for the windows in your home. Insurance companies tell us the average cost to repair homes damaged by wind and hail is 6500. Dollars after a major storm hits. Tonight here putting your windows to the test ABC's Byron Pitts -- real answers about what works. What doesn't. Perrier. Why. Are -- ready if disaster hits -- It's a growing projectiles wind. Eight inches of rainfall -- the power of a store to see up close and -- line. Storms that back even destroying homes in it turns out your windows -- one of the most vulnerable spots. Not just from flying glass -- broken windows to allow storm's pressure to -- your roof right off. -- so we -- to the last to find out how to best protect what. An impact that product with a nine country by force shot a fifty feet of second. At that hurts bad -- -- an old advice when a storms coming -- -- -- spot coverage dozens of hurricane to people always have that when this tape to see on TV every year to sell. Now not -- -- just wash. And. Okay. Take on the Linda. Did not work. -- you can see. Impact went completely through you have these larger pieces. That could be real damage -- -- -- in the -- so how about those flight levels but get the last. As you can see the results -- but experts tell us what provides inconsistent protection he could allowed him to break. In those special metal storm shutters. They hold out better than -- but the safest of all there. -- -- -- -- by that withstand winds up 200 -- wow that's when they're testing -- Middleborough but it won't break. Despite his -- So we test them. That's what's called high impact -- which is the lamb and did its job. So now -- outside pressures cannot get transferred to the inside they are expensive plus the cost of normal when. But in this storm zone when your window as well the last barriers between your loved ones in the elephants he admitted he can -- we're taking. Byron -- ABC news York consuming.

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{"id":24000453,"title":"Keeping Your Family and Home Safe During Hurricane Season","duration":"2:20","description":"Tips on how to protect yourself and your home from high winds that can send dangerous debris flying.","url":"/WNT/video/keeping-family-home-safe-hurricane-season-24000453","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}