Kendal Heath Describes Chaos After Explosions at Boston Marathon

Witness recounts the crowd's reaction to deadly bombing near race's finishing line.
2:02 | 04/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kendal Heath Describes Chaos After Explosions at Boston Marathon
Go to our ABC producer Kendall -- because she was there near the finish line of Boston at the moment those bombs went off. And Kendall I want to bring UN once again describe to us once more exactly what you felt because -- were there in the first seconds. But -- hand out my brother my eyes were watching out right at the corner Hereford and oil industry registered runners -- -- a left for the finish line. And as they are watching all -- need you here. And -- a large explosion and -- white smoke Kirk we'll look back 2030. I go up in the air. Closely -- probably by and seconds later by another bush and I fireball and more like -- The air as -- -- up here and -- realized something was -- And again -- and you had said that the whole air seemed. Suffused with a kind of sulfur smell. It did it -- the wind was blowing -- and it began calling all current and runners were being the first ascent. And very confused not knowing whether it was in the letter about the police quickly -- on the scene and and it's unfortunate that. And was there anyone who came to you and told you what it was how did you learn because you -- One of the bystanders there had to try to figure out what on earth that just happen how did you. Figure out. That this was indeed what was. -- What we heard and you. Police officers are directing everyone off of the street they wanted to clear -- citizen is possible to stop that runner I try to get as many pedestrians off history. But a lot of folks ran toward the explosion trying to help you've heard many -- support the people trying to help those -- And police who are you know why the route -- often. Street Bernard Carrick on anyway completely you know ran right and -- moments later trying to help those -- -- -- -- Kendall -- again. The entire ABC news teams fanned out across the country but we thank you so much for your early. And completely. Vivid and horrifying reports from today thank you.

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{"id":18964147,"title":"Kendal Heath Describes Chaos After Explosions at Boston Marathon","duration":"2:02","description":"Witness recounts the crowd's reaction to deadly bombing near race's finishing line.","url":"/WNT/video/kendal-heath-describes-chaos-explosions-boston-marathon-18964147","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}