Kidnapped American tourist in Uganda is released

After being held for five days, 35-year-old Kimberly Sue Endicott and her guide were returned. Ugandan officials said they are in good health.
2:48 | 04/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kidnapped American tourist in Uganda is released
Now to tonight's other breaking news an American tourist kidnapped during overseas a flooring and held captive for five days tonight she is free. You've gone that officials rescuing 35 year old Kimberly sue and it caught and a Congolese guide John Paul remiss though they say the pair quo both in good health. They were on a safari drive went for men kidnapped them at gunpoint demanding. Half a million dollars for the release ABC's senior four course point in panel is and you go under tonight. Rescued a fight Daewoo deal over it blast. This is the first photo of American Kimberly sue N to coast shortly after being rescued with the local guide. Joan Paul mooring gay remain so spokesmen say from well at last we've just tugged at the American hostage and a Congolese driver had been released was you know a lot of police and military activity throughout the day. And in the last few moments helicopters landed in the area the lords where they were originally staying local won't let workers jubilant as the news came through. It's good mother of they should run through a sort of simply. We shall all movies of them treated good deals that. The parent kidnaps a gum pointed Weiss hit last Tuesday while only in the evening game drive in Queen Elizabeth park in Uganda the gum and demanding half a million dollars ransom. A massive police and army hunch whose homes scattering the skies and the lab in search of the tonight we can report that highly sensitive negotiations have been killing all the days to secure their release FBI negotiator is actively involved. Ugandan police now releasing a statement saying. The two were recovered unharmed in good health and in the safe hands of the joint security team the spokesman for the tool company Daewoo with the wild frontier is Ugandan. Telling ABC news the past and now back it's his safari lodge and a written okay physical condition and a look. Below June and have friends will read in the park when the pair were rescued than today's news if you look really happened. Good news he got there as well an improvement we have. This was an unprecedented event to Uganda. Kimberly sue when John Paul could now rest easy knowing it's finally over for them but the kidnappers have escaped and tonight security operations continued de. Let's get right to union panel who joins us from you've gone to tonight Ian so many questions about how this rescue operation happen and whether or ransom was hater. Yeah that's right as spokesman for the two companies telling ABC news Iran some walls paged the US government insisting it doesn't take kidnappers the fear is encourages more hostage taking now if that's is the case that that'll be a huge concern to the people who live there I'm reliant on the Taurus who come to visit Tom. Ian panel reporting from you're gonna tonight on that breaking news Ian thank you.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"After being held for five days, 35-year-old Kimberly Sue Endicott and her guide were returned. Ugandan officials said they are in good health.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"62237586","title":"Kidnapped American tourist in Uganda is released","url":"/WNT/video/kidnapped-american-tourist-uganda-released-62237586"}