Kiss Seen 'Round the World

Female athletes in Russia share congratulatory kiss amid anti-gay law controversy.
1:26 | 08/18/13

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Transcript for Kiss Seen 'Round the World
seen across the globe this evening. Two women, two runners who had just won a relay in russia, where authorities are cracking down on gays before the olympics. Here's abc's gio benitez. They then kissed. Here's abc's gio benitez. Reporter: It's the kiss seen around the world. Two female russian sprinters kissing after winning a women's relay. Then again at the podium, accepting a gold medal at the world championships in moscow. Was it in protest of russia's anti-gay law, banning so-called gay propaganda? Russian officials reportedly said it was just a celebratory kiss. In june, the russian law made it illegal to speak about gay issues around minors or even display similar bomb symbols like a rainbow flag in public, fueling concerns over next year's olympics there. Would gay athletes be targeted? Even president obama weighed in. And if russia doesn't have gay or lesbian athletes, then it probably makes their team weaker. Reporter: Russia's sports minister saying the law won't enfringe upon private lives, just private display. A russian athlete echoes his remarks. We are against publicity, but we are of course not against about every choice of every single person. Reporter: Now, a swedish athlete protesting by painting her nails in rainbow colors. The russian sports minister hasn't said whether olympic athletes would be prosecuted if making statements that violate the new law. And david, those women aren't comments. All right.

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{"duration":"1:26","description":"Female athletes in Russia share congratulatory kiss amid anti-gay law controversy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"19996280","title":"Kiss Seen 'Round the World","url":"/WNT/video/kiss-round-world-19996280"}